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Monitoring for Radiation Beams


Development of Detection System for Monitoring High Intensity Ionizing Radiation Beams Used in Medicine, Science and Technology

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  • INS-DET/Detection Devices/Instrumentation
  • MED-RAD/Radiomedicine/Medicine
  • MED-DID/Diagnostics & Devices/Medicine
  • FIR-INS/Nuclear Instrumentation/Fission Reactors
  • INF-SIG/Sensors and Signal Processing/Information and Communications

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Leading Institute
Khlopin Radium Institute, Russia, St Petersburg


  • Tohoku University / Cyclotron and Radio Isotope Center, Japan, Sendai\nIstituto Nazionale di Fisica Nucleare, Italy, Napoli\nUniversity of Jyväskylä, Finland, Jyväskylä\nGammapro Ltd, Finland, Jyväskylä

Project summary

In the frame of the Project, a prototype of monitoring system for high intensity continuous and pulsed beams of gammas, neutrons and protons used in medicine, science and technology will be created. The prototype of the monitoring system will consist of detector on the basis of multiwire position sensitive proportional counter (MWPC), special signal processing system and system of information visualization. To optimize the main detector parameters, such as efficiency, spatial resolution, theoretical calculations and experimental studies will be carried out, also a choice of structural materials providing high radiation resistance will be performed. Developed monitor will be tested with the thermal neutron beam, neutron beams with energies of 2.6 MeV, 14.7 MeV of the NG-400 neutron generator, with bremsstrahlung gamma beams of MT-25 microtron, proton beam with energy up to 20 MeV of the MGC-20 accelerator at the Radium Institute, and medical accelerators Philips (Emax=6 MeV), Linac
(Emax=20 MeV) at oncology clinics of Saint Petersburg. The work will be carried out on the basis of experience in designing, developing and using the MWPC for charge particles detection in nuclear reactions and in induced and spontaneous fission scientific research.

Thus, the results of this research will contribute to the humane purposes, in particular, to development of prototype of ionizing radiation beams monitor for application in medicine, science and technology. Collaboration with the Japanese and Italian scientists will give the excellent opportunity for integration into the international scientific community and allow to bring our contribution in development of this area.


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