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Database on Gold Mining in Kyrgyzstan


Database and Metallogenegy of Gold Ore (Gold Mining) in Kyrgyzstan. Model and Methods of Management (Golden Objects along the Ancient Silk Road)

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  • OBS-NAT/Natural Resources and Earth Sciences/Other Basic Sciences

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Leading Institute
State Agency of Geology and Mineral Resources of Kyrgyz Republic, Kyrgyzstan, Bishkek

Supporting institutes

  • American University in Kyrgyzstan, Kyrgyzstan, Bishkek\nKyrgyz-Russian Slavonic University, Kyrgyzstan, Bishkek\nMIFI, Russia, Moscow


  • Indiana University / Department of Economics, USA, IN, Bloomington\nThe Natural History Museum, UK, London

Project summary

Kyrgyz geologists attained a considerable progress in the cause of development of Soviet atomic engineering. Several tens of uranic, thorium and radium deposits were discovered and explored on the territory of Kyrgyzstan. Kyrgyziya was a republic extracting uranium. Uranium had been extracted in Maylisuu, Kadjisay, Kavak, Shakaptar, Karaganda deposits. Radium extracted in Tuya-Muyun became the first radium extracted on the territory of Soviet Union. Large mining and smelting enterprise “Karabaltinskiy” is built and functions now, it is occupied with processing of radioactive row materials. Nowadays uranic ore reconnaissance and prospecting are almost dropped in Kyrgyzstan.

“Karabaltinskiy” mining and smelting enterprise begins to develop processing of other minerals. The process of mining of gold is also already coped.

Numerous staff of qualified geologists-uraners also needs to be reoriented for reconnaissance of other raw.

Extraction of gold becomes extremely important for Kyrgyzstan at the given stage of the republic’s development and international economic relations. Economic condition of Kyrgyzstan considerably depends on the gold extraction at the territory of the republic.

With acquiring of independence by Kyrgyzstan in 1991 and introduction of new legislation for mining gold mining branch got further development and became the priority in mining industry of the state. Therefore importance of reconnaissance and prospecting gold has abruptly increased. The majority of foreign and local investors are interested to invest first of all to the exploitation of gold-mining objects.

By the present time Kyrgyz geologists have attained some progress in the cause of reconnaissance and prospecting of gold deposits. There were discovered more than 4 thousands of basic and field displays, mineralogical and lithochemical gold halos. Many deposits received positive economic appraisal. Gold extraction is conducted in Makmal gold deposit; Canadian company “Cameko” has been exploiting large gold roe deposit Kumtor since 1996. Production of gold in Kyrgyzstan is already more than 20 tons per year. Gold production indice in Kyrgyzstan is the third one among the same indices of other countries of CIS. Besides, Kyrgyzstan takes the fourth place in the world after Papua-Gvineya, SAR, Canada by gold extraction per-head (4 grams per head). Several more gold deposits are planned to be exploited in the nearest years, so this fact allows to estimate the perspectives for gold on the territory of Kyrgyz Republic as economically reliable ones. Large scaled reconnaissance works are developed mainly by the foreign companies from England, USA, Australia, Israel, Malaise.

For example, such companies as “Normandy Mining” from Australia and “Oksus” from Great Britain are completing economic estimate of Djeruy gold deposit, where they plan to develop gold mining. One of Malaysian companies conducts the same works in Taldybulak Levoberezhniy gold deposit. American company “Newmont” is researching Soltonary gold deposit. Japanese company “Mindeko” conducts prospecting in gold deposit Altyn Djimga. Searching of new gold deposits across the large territory are carried now by three American companies “Hemko”, “Felps Dodj”, “Newmont”, by English company “Oksus”, and by Canadian company “Tek corporation”.

Foreign companies regularly need to receive information concerning gold extraction in deposits discovered decades ago and in deposits open due to the liberal policy of Kyrgyz Government. In this connection the task of generalizing and analyzing of large factual material accumulated becomes extremely important, it will allow to conduct geological researches including searching of gold expediently. Extensive information on gold extraction in Kyrgyzstan is concentrated in numerous geological reports compiled for many years. All this textual and graphical information is saved in manuscripts and is not automated.

Such situation extremely negatively influences the development of reconnaissance works. Under the conditions of rising demand for information concerning geological researches and prospecting of gold in Kyrgyzstan the task to collect all this textual, tabular, and graphical data into united automated database appears.

Such information will allow to offer reasonably and efficiently the most perspective areas for gold mining and to attract investors for realization of specific projects on exploitation of gold deposits. Under the conditions of great demand for such information from the side of foreign companies this information becomes practically valuable.

The purpose of the project is to collect all textual, tabulated and graphic data on gold extraction in Kyrgyzstan in the uniform computer database, to create a management software and to develop by its help the Metallogenical map of Kyrgyzstan on a large scale 1:200000. The project offers also development of new computer know-how of creation Metallogenical maps of large scale.

For realization of the projects purposes it is necessary to develop the Registration map of gold mining on 1:200 000 scale consisting of 54 independent plane-tables. According to legend all gold displays will be differentiated at the map by their size, quantity of resources, substantive composition, category of resources, morphology of ore bodies, ore formations. Certificate (record) will be composed for every gold display. Data concerning display’s location, name, the degree of researching, geological position, mineral composition, ore circus changes, ore zones and bodies’ parameters, resources of gold, accompanying components in ore, injurious touches, mining and technical (equipment) conditions, perspectives of using this object, and other important information will be presented in these certificates. Geological base will be completed for every plane-table, and then after putting these bases on Roe map, Metallogenical map for gold will be firstly created in Kyrgyzstan. Metallogenical map will be composed on 1:200 000 scale. Metalogenical map will represent a progress in metallogenical researches on the territory of Kyrgyz Tyan-Shan.

Project will be implemented by leading geologists and specialists in the sphere of automated systems development, which have a many years experience of working in Kyrgyzstan.

The project offered completely meets ISTC’s purposes to provide further development of civil applied researches by the help of weapon scientific and technical personnel.

The project offers a developing of new technology for creating of Metallogenical maps on a large scale. Data base for gold mining will promote attracting of investors to reconnaissance of gold deposits and make a contribution to the process of transition to market economy.

Corporate work of Kyrgyz and foreign scientists will further the integration of Kyrgyzstan to international science association. Firstly developing automated database for the whole complex of geological materials will assist to solve geological problems as well as the tasks on economic estimate of perspective gold deposits on the territory of Kyrgyzstan.

The volume of works supposed is very large. For instance, it will be necessary to expense from 1 to 5 man-months to complete one from 54 plane-tables of the metallogenical map. Completing of one certificate (record) for gold deposit, roe display or geochemical gold halo can be implemented within 1-2 mandays. There are more than 4 thousands gold ore objects at the territory of Kyrgyzstan.

All this information will be automated; a model and a management program for data base will be developed. Putting the information into computer will be realizing by peaces in “MapInfo” system, such approach will allow in future to combine and research geological and roe parameters in any interrelations.


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