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Biopreparations for Growing of Brewers Barley


Development of the Novel Ecologically Safe Technology for Growing of Brewer's Barley and Malt Production on the Basis of Application of Biopreparations

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  • AGR-FOD/Food & Nutrition/Agriculture
  • BIO-MIB/Microbiology/Biotechnology
  • BIO-IND/Industrial Biotechnology/Biotechnology

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Leading Institute
JSC Biochimmash, Russia, Moscow

Supporting institutes

  • Elevar, Russia, Moscow


  • Oak Ridge National Laboratory, USA, TN, Oak Ridge

Project summary

The objective of the project is to substantiate a choice of complex of biopreparations and to develop a method of their application (insecticides, fungicides, growth and development promoters and immunomodulators) in order to obtain high-quality brewer's barley and malt, which could be certificated as "ecologically pure product".

Currently barley is used mainly as a raw material for brewing. The main factors of production of grain crops are the environmental conditions, the influence of climatic and soil conditions. Interaction of these two fundamental natural factors and the human labor created present-day cultivated type of brewer's barley meeting the requirements of up-to-date technology of malt and beer production.

The properties, quality and origin of barley determine the character of the malt derived from it. The malt properties, in turn, influence on the beer quality and bouquet. Based on many years experience the main outer signs and grain test values were defined in order to identify the brewing value of barley and estimate its usefulness for malt production. To obtain a brewer's malt we need the sound, coarse, homogeneous, clean, and free of dockage and damage barley-corn which guarantees a good beer yield. Therefore, the main task of agro-industrial enterprises is to gain a sound harvest of barley. At present, however, a significant part of a harvest of crops is lost because of plant pests and diseases. The application of pesticides did not have a beneficial effect as many of them are retained in natural environment for a long time causing its considerable contamination. The imperfection of chemicals for plant pests and diseases control forced the scientists to draw attention to biopreparations.

The problem of growing of barley, its storage and production of malt can be successfully solved on the basis of biotechnological techniques using a complex of biological preparations including fungicides, bioinsecticides, plant growth and development promoters as well as immunomodulators of polyfunctional action.

Basic idea of the project is to develop a method of application of such complex of biopreparations aimed to obtain the sound, high-quality brewer's barley. This method will exclude completely the necessity to apply any chemicals and pesticides.

New technology of brewer's barley production being proposed consists in sequential application of various biopreparations starting from the stage of preplant treatment of corn with fungicides of comprehensive action produced on the basis of Trichoderma genus fungi. In course of barley growth and development, the sowings are treated with the following three types of biopreparations: broad-spectrum bioinsecticide Bikol, which is effective against more than 80 species of leaf-eating and sucking insects including ticks, fungicide Lutan, and plant growth and development promoter Nikfan. A distinctive feature of biopreparations application lies in the complete renunciation of chemicals. Liquidating the phytopathogens by means of biopreparations makes it possible to get rid of toxins produced by these phytopathogens as well as substantially reduce the microbial population on barley used to produce malt. This has a beneficial effect on the biochemical processes of malting, beer quality, its yield and bouquet.

To grow a sound, high-quality harvest is a present day challenge. To preserve its eating quality and at the same time provide complete ecological safety is the most actual problem worldwide. The real solution of the above problem is to introduce in practice the novel, effective, and ecologically-safe biopreparations along with high-yielding, resource-saving technologies and to apply them in order to obtain sound agricultural products certified as "ecologically pure product". And for all that the main requirements must be harmlessness, ease and cheapness of application and high efficiency. Reduction of losses and increase in yield will cover all costs related with the harvest growing. The process of malt production is directly related to microbial and fungal population on barley which has a harmful effect on the malting, reduces extract content of corn and deteriorates the taste properties of beer. All these problems can be solved on the basis of proper selection of the biopreparations and promotion of biochemical processes of malt production using the biopreparation Nikfan. Biopreparations being applied in accordance with all technical regulations for agriculture are ecologically safe and harmless to human beings, animals, fishes and bees. A complex technology to be developed advantageously differs from application of chemical agents as far as ecological safety and harmless to human beings is concerned. These tasks are being performed by the Participating Institutions, namely JSC "Biochimmash" and CSC R&PA "Elevar", taking into account their main activities profile. The results will be presented in the form of reports, articles, investigations record, technological solutions related to the developments in the field of biological shielding.


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