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Fine-Crystalline High-Temperature Oxides


Technology of Fine Crystalline High-Temperature Oxides

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  • CHE-THE/Physical and Theoretical Chemistry/Chemistry

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Senior Project Manager
Endrullat B

Leading Institute
Institute of General and Inorganic Chemistry (IONKh), Russia, Moscow

Supporting institutes

  • Moscow State University / Department of Chemistry, Russia, Moscow


  • ERMAFA Apparatebau GmbH, Germany, Chemnitz

Project summary

The project authors propose to develop a new method of producing the high-temperature simple and complex oxides for the various purposes. These materials can be used as abrasive materials, phosphors, catalysts and raw materials for producing high-temperature ceramics. The development of the pilot technology of fine crystalline aluminum and zirconium oxides as well as the complex oxides (magnesium, strontium, cobalt, zirconium and lanthanum aluminates) is supposed within the framework of this project. The producing of the high-purity corundum characterizing by the defined crystal sizes (1 – 400 mm) and the fixed habitus is a part of the project program.

The developers will travel all the way from the scientific investigations to the creating of the pilot technology as well as the producing of the pilot batches of corundum and zirconium oxide during the carrying out this project (2.5 years). The synthesis of corundum and other oxides is carried out into the pressure-tight reactors and only steam condensate is the waste.

The new technology is the environment friendly one. In the future this technology can exchange the unhealthy processes based on high-temperature calcinations and used at the present time. The author group consists of the high professional people. They have a major operational experience in the field of the new material synthesis. Earlier these materials were used in the armaments industry.

The oxide materials are the products widely required in the world modern industry. The development of corundum and other oxide materials technology are in the field of the interests of the firm “ERMAFA Apparatebau GmbH”, Germany. The successful realization of this project will allow to develop the economical and ecological technology. It can be used for a creation of the plant with the participation of “ERMAFA Apparatebau GmbH” for production of fine crystalline corundum and others oxides. The products are designed to the realization in the Russian and the world markets.

The firm “ERMAFA Apparatebau GmbH” supports this project and it agrees to take part in this project as collaborator in connection with the greatest promise of the proposed scientific and technological developments. Also this firm agrees to offset the coast of the employment of developed technology at the plant as well as the marketing. The creation of the permanently active pilot plant for producing the fine crystalline oxides (first of all corundum) is necessary for the development of all stages of the industrial technological process as well as for the modernization of the usable equipment. The proposed collaborator (ERMAFA Apparatebau GmbH) agrees to offset the coast of the making of the basic parts of the pilot plant. The financial support of the project will be used for the material security of the project works as well as for the salary for the project participants.

To significantly accelerate commercialization of the advance technology after complete the project the collaborator plants to manufacture the special equipment for corundum as well as other fine crystalline oxides material manufacture.


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