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Radiation Cleaning of Gas Flow


Investigation of Physico-Chemical Processes of Cleaning Evolved Industrial Gases From Sulphur and Nitrogen Oxides and Creating a Technical Base Method of Radiation Cleaning Gas Flowers by Pulse- Repetitive Electron Beam.

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  • ENV-APC/Air Pollution and Control/Environment

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Senior Project Manager
Compton J

Leading Institute
VNIITF, Russia, Chelyabinsk reg., Snezhinsk

Supporting institutes

  • Institute of Electrophysics, Russia, Sverdlovsk reg., Ekaterinburg


  • Berkeley Research Associates, Inc., USA, VA, Springfield

Project summary

The process of cleaning flue and evolved industrial gases from noxious and objectionable impurities is one of the important problems of the environment protection.

The proposed project is aimed at Investigating the mechanisms of industrial gas cleaning from sulphur and nitrogen oxides by pulse-repetitive electron beams: developing models of production equipment and a Pilot (commercial) plant based on the results of performed researches.

At present time experimental results obtained in Electrophysics Institute permit to choose a clear-cut direction of research and development works.

High-voltage facilities and technology, test equipment, computer devices as well as a development work in the area of high-current pulse technique from a basis for making suggested investigations.

The following four problems could be solved in the process of cooperation between the participating institutions.

1. Developing a closed calculated theoretical model of physico-chemical processes of cleaning gas flows from sulfur and nitrogen oxides by pulse-repetitive electron beams.

2. Performing model experiments and investigations of mechanisms of gas cleaning from sulphur and nitrogen oxides by pulse-repetitive electron beam.

3. Building up an engineering base for the radiation cleaning industrial gases; elaborating a new high-power specialized pulse-repetitive electron accelerator.

4. Elaborating a project of Pilot Plant for the radiation cleaning evolved industrial gases.

Besides, the presence of different productions in the structure of Chelyabinsk integrated iron-and-steel plant makes possible testing in practice and applying scientific and technical results obtained by the realization of this project.

The realization of the proposed project creates a scientific and engineering base to promote an effective and modern technology of radiation flue and evolved gas cleaning from sulphur and nitrogen oxides in the industry.

A suggested significant decrease in energy expenditures for industrial gas cleaning via this technology unlike the standard existing ones could present a great commercial interest in the future.

By performing the above-mentioned works of non-military character. the scientists and engineers of Institute of Technical Physics (Chelyabinsk-70) will have partnership contacts with their colleagues from other civil sectors of the science and industries of CIS and world community.

Besides, the universality of the radiation gas cleaning method by pulse-repetitive electron beams and the interrelations between the participating institutions permit us with any assurance to say that after the end of project the works in this area will be continued.


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