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Non-Aerobic Infection Diagnostics


Working out of Chromatographic Methods of Non-aerobic Infection Differential Diagnostics

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  • BIO-CHM/Biochemistry/Biotechnology
  • BIO-MIB/Microbiology/Biotechnology
  • BIO-OTH/Other/Biotechnology

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Leading Institute
State Research Institute of Biological Instrument-Making, Russia, Moscow

Project summary

The aim of this research is working out of express methods of non-aerobic infections diagnostics on the basis of chromatographic data about chemical composition of different biological substrates.

Direction of the research

1. Working out of methods of biomaterial samples preparing and high-sensitive method of analysis of wide class of chemical compounds.
2. Study of chemical composition of non-aerobic infection pathogens pure culture.
3. Estimating of pathogens taxonomy and identification possibility 4.Study of chemical composition of biomaterial from control and infected animals.
5. Study of chemical composition of biomaterial from donors and infected people.
6. Estimating of metabolites significance for non-aerobic infection toxonomy and diagnostics.
7. Analyzing of obtained results, determining of general identification principles and working out of algorithm of non-aerobic infection automatic diagnostics based on chemical composition of biological sample.

Expected results processing theoretical meaning

During the project realization the chemical markers will be found that are determinable in biological liquids and responsible for non-aerobic infection differential diagnostics.

Expected results processing practical meaning

With the use of computer processing of data about chemical composition of biological liquids the criteria of infectious diseases differential diagnostics will be worked out. The proposed project will allow to automate and accelerate the process of non-aerobic infection early diagnostics.

Collaborators' supposed role in the project

Cooperative analysis and estimation of the results obtained during research process; scientific information exchange; Aid in purchasing of reagents and chromatographic materials that are not produced in Russia.


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