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Lead-Bismuth Target


Pilot Flow Lead-bismuth Target of MW Power for Accelerator-Driven Systems

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  • FIR-ENG/Reactor Engineering and NPP/Fission Reactors

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Senior Project Manager
Tocheny L V

Leading Institute
FEI (IPPE), Russia, Kaluga reg., Obninsk

Supporting institutes

  • OKB Gidropress, Russia, Moscow reg., Podolsk


  • Forschungszentrum Karlsruhe Technik und Umwelt, Germany, Karlsruhe\nRoyal Institute of Technology / Institute of Physics, Sweden, Stockholm\nLos-Alamos National Laboratory, USA, NM, Los-Alamos\nCEA / DRN / DER / CEN Cadarache, France, Cadarache\nCEA / DSM / DAPNIA/CEN Saclay, France, Saclay

Project summary

The purposes of the project, technical approach and the results expected

The purpose of the present project is to provide the basis for a feasibility of a 20 MWt lead-bismuth spallation target. The technical basis of this study shall be established by the design, fabrication and testing of a 1MWt power target.

The main project tasks

– 20 MWt target preconceptual design so that when developing the pilot target to take into account maximally all arising demands and also to unify the equipment as possible;
– conceptual and engineering design of 1 MWt power pilot target for conditions LAMPF beamstop;
– necessary experimental research carrying out for design substantiation;
– target fabrication;
– target heat engineering tests on the facility without accelerator beam;
– preconceptual 20 MWt target design analysis on the base of the experience obtained.

To achieve project purposes the following technical approaches and methods will be used:

– Analysis of appropriate literature data available both in open and classified sources (in parts not touching state interests and commercial secrets).
– Expert estimation of high qualified specialists who have direct experience in appropriate areas.
– Computer calculation of neutron-physical and thermohydraulic and strength structure characteristics with the help of existing codes and the development of new codes if necessary.
– The use of necessary standards and normals by design.
– The use of standards and special technologies by the target fabrication.

It is expected that as a results of the project fulfillment pilot flow lead-bismuth target of ~ 1MWt power should be fabricated and tested without accelerator beam.

Further it is assumed that this target will be tested in LAMPF accelerator beam in LANL (USA) to master and demonstrate flow target operating technology. Such pilot target will be technical basis for key problem research of 20 MWt power target creation for full scaled accelerator-based systems for following purposes:

– weapon plutonium utilization with small yield of actinides;
– energetic plutonium utilization from commercial reactors with radioactive wastes reduction;
– energy production with the use of uranium-thorium cycle.

The potential role of the foreign collaborators

The project will be carried out in collaboration with Royal Institute of Technology (Sweden), Los-Alamos National Laboratory (USA) and Paul Sherrer Institute (Switzerland). The project is completely accordant to the main purposes of International Scientific and Technology Centre (ISTC) (conversion of "weapon" specialist activity, their involvement into international scientific society).

The collaboration with LANL propose to test the pilot flow lead-bismuth target in LAMPF accelerator beam with the purpose to master and demonstrate flow target operating technology.

The collaboration with PSI (Switzerland) will permit to study the capabilities of the flow lead-bismuth target for it potential use in the European Spallation Sources Project.


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