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Control of Snow-avalanche


Use of Fuel-air Explosive Explosion for the Control

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TsNIIKhM (Chemistry and Mechanics), Russia, Moscow


  • Defense Group Inc., USA, MA, Beford

Project summary

The project objectives - on the basis of the use of research results of the fuel-air explosive explosion and its subsequent effects and also knowledge in the field of glaciology and rheology of snow and snow cover to develop methods of an active effect on snow-avalanche processes in mountain regions, to substantiate technical proposals for developing fuel-air explosive explosion means, providing an effective action on snow covers including flat slopes for the purpose of preventing catastrophic snow-avalanche slipping down and their deliberate initiation, the prevention and elimination of snow-avalanche hazard in mountain regions of the world.

The project implementation will make it possible to realize achievements in the field of gasdynamics, physics of fast-running processes, glaciology, rheology of snow for solving national and international technical problems in the field of environmental pro tection, safety of objects located in mountain regions and potentially exposed to snow-avalanche danger and others.

The project proposed relates to the conversion use of fuel-air explosive explosion in the direction not discussed in the literature previously. It is of particular value if it is remembered that the effect of the fuel-air explosive explosion is a new and a promising one to be used in ammunitions for hit of wide class of ground-based targets.

The results on the basis of detailed examination of the processes of fuel-air explosive charges forming and explosion in ground atmosphere, regularities of compression wave and shock-wave propagation, snow behavior under pulsed compression will be obtained for:

- developing effective methods of action on snow-avalanche processes,
- defining the appearance of fuel-air explosive explosion means providing snow loading,
- developing a procedure for fuel-air explosive explosion use,
- obtaining high energetic characteristics of explosion in the rare-fied atmosphere,
- developing methods of catastrophic phenomena control and prevention and others.

The work in the context of the project includes theoretical studies of the physics of the process of fuel-air explosive charge functioning, shock-wave propagation in the atmosphere, snow rheology under the action of compression waves, analysis of experimental data available and comparison with theoretical results, elaboration of methodical statements on the subject touched upon.

The carrying-out of work stages is completed with publications and patenting.

Contrary to the usual approaches, solving the above problems includes:

- consideration of in-stages explosive burning of aerodisperse systems;
- more precise definition of shock-wave and snow-cover interaction conditions and compression-wave propagation in snow;
- improvement of avalanche-hazardous layer formation model;
- determination of snow stability extent as applied to concrete slopes.

Technical methods of snow-avalanche process control and ways of developing protection methods with the help of preventive avalanche sliding down will be considered on the basis of formulated models of fuel-air explosive charge formation and models of snow formation and behavior on the slopes and its descent during avalanche sliding down.

Work results are suitable for use for commercial purposes. The project corresponds to the problems being solved by ISTG both in the view of conversion directionality and employment of engaged personnel.

The agreement was received to participate in the project as a collaborator from a private company. Defense Group Incorporated (USA), with Harold Roseabaum as President. The company has expressed its interest in technical materials and work results and, from its side, promises support and promotion in the process of project execution.

As a form of cooperation the company proposes information exchanges for the purposes of promoting joint discussions and scientific analysis.

The company address: 19 С Crosby Drive, Suite 350, Bedford, MA, OI730-I4I2, (617) 275-4444 Fax: (617) 275-2550

The copy of the fax from the private company DGI with the support proposed is appended to the project materials.


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