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Technogeneous Reproduction of Mineral Resources


Research of the Mechanism, Processes and Possibility of Technogeneous Reproduction of Lithosphere’s Mineral Resources

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  • OBS-GEO/Geology/Other Basic Sciences
  • OBS-NAT/Natural Resources and Earth Sciences/Other Basic Sciences

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Kyrgyz-Russian Slavonic University, Kyrgyzstan, Bishkek


  • University of Valencia / Department of Applied Economics, Spain, Valencia\nEcole Nationale Superieure des Techniques Industrielles et des Mines d'Ales, France, Ales

Project summary

The purpose of the Project is to develop and study the mechanism, processes and potential of technogeneous reproduction of mineral resources of the lithosphere.

The traditional increment of mineral raw resources of various countries is provided through research and the discovery of new mineral deposits (geological reproduction of mineral resources). The potential for technogeneous reproduction of mineral resources, performed through the redistribution of useful components in a mining massif or improvement of low initial quality of mineral raw materials at its natural location, were not considered.

Owing to an improvement in mineral deposits with the most favorable mining-and-geological characteristics of burial and high quality of mineral raw materials, a significant deterioration is now observed in the mineral raw base worldwide. So, to the end of the XIX century the USA had become accustomed to mining only copper-bearing deposits where the ores contain more than 5% Cu, while mineral resources with a lower copper content were considered non-commercially viable. In the middle of the XX Century copper ores with a Cu content of more than 1% began to be considered viable and were opened for mining. Recently copper-disseminated ore with a Cu content of <0,3 % have been developed in Uzbekistan (Almalyk Deposit).

With the technogeneous reproduction of mineral resources the rising resource crisis will be overcome and the negative action on the biosphere from mining will be considerably reduced.

As a result of Project implementation the following results will be received:
– The development of a mechanism for technogeneous reproduction of mineral resources of the lithosphere;
The creation of a physic-chemical technogeneous model of an ore deposit;
Investigation of the processes of leaching, migration and reprecipitation (technogeneous ore deposit formation) of useful components in a mining massif;
Investigation of the most effective geochemical barriers for localization of useful components.

On the basis of obtained theoretical and experimental data the potential quantitative description of parameters of the technogeneous reproduction process of mineral resources and their optimum terms of realization will be produced, to allow the implementation of such technologies in mining.

The research methodology is based on the potential improvement of the initial quality of mineral raw materials (natural and technogeneous) through the redistribution of useful components in a mining massif, the opening fine dispersed salinity and the removal of harmful impurities, which are performed at the site of natural ore burial.

The technical approaches in the project provide for the experimental realization of leaching, migration and reprecipitation of metals (U, Au, Pb, Zn), and also computer physic-chemical modeling of these processes.

The project participants have the requisite experience in this area of research, which is proven by 120 patents for inventions and numerous publications in this field.


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