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Fluoride Glasses for Fibers


Development of High-purity Fluoride Glasses and Optical Fibers on their Basis for Application in Instrument Making and for Manufacturing Optical Fiber Lasers and Amplifiers.

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  • MAT-SYN/Materials Synthesis and Processing/Materials

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Senior Project Manager
Lapidus O V

Leading Institute
VNIIKhT (Chemical Technology), Russia, Moscow

Supporting institutes

  • Institute of General Physics named after A.M. Prokhorov RAS, Russia, Moscow\nAngarsky Electrolyte Chemical Enterprise, Russia, Irkutsk reg., Angarsk\nInstitute of Chemistry of High Purity Substances, Russia, N. Novgorod reg., N. Novgorod\nChepetsky Mechanical Plant, Russia, Udmurtia, Glazov


  • IPHT-Jena / Institut für Physicalishe Hochtechnologie e.v., Germany, Jena\nFriedrich-Schiller-Universität Jena / Otto-Schott-Institute für Glaschemie, Germany, Jena\nVitcon Spezialwerkstoffe GmbH, Germany, Jena\nCNRS / Université de Rennes 1, France, Rennes

Project summary

According to the proposals of the collaborators (Dr. H. J.Pohl, the fax of September 10,1997; Prof. M.Poulain, Dr. D.C.Tran) with evaluation of the situation in optical materials science with view to the X-th International Symposium on Non-Oxide Glasses (June 1996) the ISTC Project No.545 has been revised.

1. The volume of research on new fluoride glasses and halide materials has been increased which will substantially expand their operating spectral range (from 0.18 to20mkm).

2. The research on production of fluoroaluminate glasses will be substantially expanded.

3. The grown demands in the materials and optical fibers operating in the middle IR-range (5-20 mkm) have found their solution in the new section of the Project connected with the halide materials on the basis of chloride-bromide-iodide of silver and of other compounds.

4. The amount of the financial support requested from ISTC has been lowered due to the fact that more attention was payed to the internal resources.


Determination of the compositions and development of the technique for the production of high-purity fluoride glasses and UV-materials of the visible and IR-range for application in instrument making, medicine.


- Production of fluoroaluminate glasses, visible in the far UV-range (0.18-0.25 mkm), for application in microelectronics in the process of structure formation of the semiconductor substrates by the methods of UV-photolithography.

- Development of the methods of production and manufacture of the pilot lots of high-purity halogenide materials of the required quality for the synthesis of glasses and fibers.

- Development of the fluoride glasses with low optical losses for the long-wave IR-range (1-5 mkm), of power active and scintillating multi-mode optical fibers on their basis for optical and medical instrument making.

- Manufacture of the halide materials (chloride-bromideiodide of silver and other elements) for the middle IR-range (5-20 mkm) and of optical fibers on their basis for spectroscopy, diagnostics, pyrometry and laser medicine.


- To develop the technologies and equipment for the production of specially pure halide compounds. Organization of the basis for the synthesis of the pilot lots of inpidual fluorides of zirconium, hafnium, barium, sodium, aluminium, lithium, lead as well as of chloride-bromide-iodide of silver with the content of impurities 10-5 10-* mass %.

- To find the glass-forming compositions of fluoroaluminate glasses transparent in the farUV-range (0.18-0.25 mkm); to develop the techniques for production of ingots and rods with high homogeneity; to stabilize the resistance to coloring.

- To determine the glass-forming regions in the far UVi-range for the fluoroaluminate glasses with the minimum tendency to crystallization; to study the technique of melting and casting for ingots and round preforms with high homogeneity. To study the mechanism of coloring.

- To manufacture the fluoroaluminate glasses with high transmission at 248 nm and 193 nm with high stability of beams at these wavelengths, with the minimum coloring under beam loading and high homogeneity:

n < 1-3 * 10-6 (for lens),

n< 1*10-6 (for substrates and mirrors).

- To develop the technology for the production of high-purity and microhomogeneous fluoride glasses for fiber optics. To manufacture the samples of optical fibers with optical losses of 0.1 dB/m at 2.94 mkm with reinforcing and protective metal coating with the bending strength of 1 GPa.

- To study the properties of high-purity fluoride and fluoroaluminate glasses.

- To determine the optimum composition of glasses, type and content of the dopants required to manufacture the optical radiation amplifier at 1.33 mkm.

- To find compositions and to develop the techniques for the production of glasses and optical fibers with high beam strength to the effect of YAG-Er+3 laser of more than 1 J/pulse with duration of the pulse of 200 msec (for the samples of more than 1.5m).

- To develop the methods of free and forced (at high pressures) formation of the halide materials for the production of disks, rods, tubes, multi-layered preforms.

- To develop an effective technology for the production of halide optical fibers, transparent in the wide spectral band of the middle IR-range (4-20 mkm), for the components of CCh-laser set-ups, remote control, environmental monitoring.

- To manufacture and test the samples of glasses and of optical fiber for instrument making and medicine.

- To organize a pilot production of high-purity fluoride glasses, halide materials and optical fibers on their basis at АБСЕ.

The practical value of the Project is in the development of fluoroaluminate glasses, transparent in the ultra-violet range, for application in microelectronics; in getting the initi-al data to organize the production of high-purity fluorides, halide glasses, fluoride optical fibers for instrument making, for manufacturing medical instruments, including those for laser intra-cavitary surgery where laser radiation is transmitted to issues through a flexible optical fiber.

The glasses and optical fiber, manufactured within the framework of the Project, can be used to find the solution to a number of other problems such as:

- organization of the production of high-purity fluorides meeting the demands both of dome-stic and foreign consumers;

- determination of the composition of gases and liquid media, including the environmental monitoring;

- manufacture of the fiber-optic pick-ups for physical magnitudes;

- creation of the elements of transmitting optics transparent in UV-, visible and IR-ranges.

It is planned to accomplish the stated tasks in close contact with the scientists from the USA, France, Germany, Prof.HJ.Pohl, Ptof.M.Poulain, Prof.I.D.Aggarwal.

The tasks of the collaborators include:

- a joint discussion of the obtained results;

- estimation of the technical solutions and, if necessary, correction of the working schedule;

- testing of the materials developed by this Project;

- participation in giving recommendations on application of glasses and fibers, on searching for the foreign partners;

- testing and certifying of the initial fluorides and glasses synthesized by the authors of the Project.

To accomplish the stated tasks it is planned to improve the contacts with the scientists from the USA, Japan, France and Germany with the aim to find a quicker solution to the given problem. At the same time it is necessary to consider that the scientists of Russia have a many-years' experience and conditions required to work with the fluoride compounds of high purity.

International symposiums on non-oxide glasses, organized on a regular basis, assist the solution of the stated problem.


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