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Raw material for Manufacture of Single Crystals of Leucosapphire


Development of Method of Producing of Raw Material for Manufacture of Single Crystals of Leucosapphire

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  • CHE-IND/Industrial Chemistry and Chemical Process Engineering/Chemistry
  • CHE-SYN/Basic and Synthetic Chemistry/Chemistry

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Leading Institute
Institute of General and Inorganic Chemistry (IONKh), Russia, Moscow

Supporting institutes

  • Moscow State University / Department of Chemistry, Russia, Moscow


  • SASOL Olefins & Surfactants GmbH, Germany, Hamburg\nGESA Engineering and Apparatesysteme GmbH, Germany, Chemnitz\nInvestment and Development Agency of Latvia, Latvia, Riga\nSIA „VITANA PLUSS”, Latvia, Riga

Project summary

As a result of fulfillment of the projects ISTC # 1381 and # 3002 the new technology of fine-crystalline materials fabrication, in particular of fine-crystalline corundum, was created. The preliminary test of using the synthetic fine-crystalline corundum as a raw material for single crystal leucosapphire growth have shown that the produced single crystals of leucosapphire can be of satisfactory quality. However the quality requirements to single crystals of leucosapphire continue to increase: impurity level, concentration of structural defects, optical and mechanical performances. And there is a market demand for new technologies of raw materials to grow the single crystal leucosapphire. The basic kind of such a raw material is the powders of various modifications of aluminum oxides, in particular of fine-crystalline corundum (?-Al2O3).

The purpose of the present project is the development of a new method to fabricate the highly pure Al2O3 via implementation of the very innovative methods to control the properties of synthesized aluminum oxides. The combination of traditional methods of synthesis with new effective fabrication methods, for example, using a supercritical fluid of various composition, transport-chemical reactions, high-frequency and ultrasonic treatments will allow to obtain the high-pure aluminum oxides of various modification of the preferred sizes distribution and high bulk density.

It is proposed to develop new methods to fabricate pure aluminum oxides suitable for production of leucosapphire, using both the common commercially available grades of raw materials and fine-crystalline corundum.

The principal investigators of the proposed project are the "weapon-scientists”. Earlier the research activity of these scientists was directed to develop technologies of new materials for weapons and military equipment. The group of these scientists participated in two projects ISTC devoted to development of the technologies of fine-crystalline materials and these scientists are extremely competent in the area of science of materials and physical and chemical research practice.

Potential collaborator of the project - the corporation “SASOL Olefins & Surfactants GmbH, Inorganics Division” (Germany) is the leading world producer and seller of chemical products, and also of series of specialized products, including alumina and zeolites. The previous thorough cooperation with this corporation has revealed that the alumina, produced by this corporation (oxides, oxyhydroxides and hydroxides of aluminum) are promising material for processing them into standardized raw material for leucosapphire manufacturing. Within the proposed project the optimal way of transformation of alumina produced by this corporation, as well as corresponding products of the Russian producers into the high-quality raw material for growth of single crystals of leucosapphire will be found.

The leucosapphire monocrystals and articles thereof are of high consumer demand. Because of the unique combination of physical-mechanical, chemical and high optical performances the large-size leucosapphire monocrystals occupy the big Market Share in the world market of synthetic crystals. This material has very important applications in optics and microelectronics, e.g. it is the main material in optoelectronics to produce substrates for Light-Emitting Diodes (LED). It is also broadly used as a construction material for devices used in aviation and space industries. Shaped leucosapphire is a comparatively new product. Monocrystals of the shaped leucosapphire are the products replacing articles from quartz, ceramics or glass due to their uniquely superior physical-mechanical and chemical performances.

The expanding of supply possibilities of raw for the leucosapphire production will make this material by more available for its use in various areas of human activity.


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