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Fluoride and Nitrogen Polycyclanes


Search of New Antimicrobial Preparations in the Class of Fluorine-Nitrogen-Containing Polycyclanes

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  • MED-DRG/Drug Discovery/Medicine

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Leading Institute
State Research Institute of Organic Chemistry and Technology, Russia, Moscow

Supporting institutes

  • State Reseach Center of Antibiotics, Russia, Moscow


  • Universität Bremen, Germany, Bremen

Project summary

Although there exists a great number of well-known antimicrobial drugs, the search for new biologically active substances (BAS) belonging to fluorine-nitrogen-containing polycyclanes is a very important task, since microbial strains resistant to the existing preparations have been appeared to the present. This task has also become important, since antimicrobial preparations are useful not only in medicine and veterinary, but in various fields of techniques, where their physicochemical properties, e.g. high values of the saturated vapor pressure or low corrosive activity etc., are essential.

One of the possible ways of searching for new antimicrobial preparations is the synthesis and biological screening of F, N-containing polycyclic compounds that will be used as potential antimetabolites of naturally occurring pyrimidines, pureness, indols and like nitrogen-containing substances. Obviously, a great number of functionally substituted F, N-containing polycyclic compounds shall be restricted by feasibility of their synthesis. An exclusively wide assortment of F, N-containing polycyclic compounds has become available due to studies of the Diels-Alder reaction that involves [4+2] cycloaddition in the case of F, N-containing unsaturated compounds (dienophiles) and cyclic dienes and their heteroanalogs

Thus, the aim of the Project is the synthesis of functionally substituted F, N-containing polycyclic compounds with subsequent assessment of their biological 'or antimicrobial activity.

The important task of the Project is to elucidate a "structure - antimicrobial activity" relationship for all synthetic compounds examined by screening; this approach will ensure a correct choice of final structural types for each subsequent step of the synthesis.

Proposed Project tasks are virtually new: structures of chemical compounds to be synthesized have not been described in the literature as yet. If the required activity will be found, the basis (effective agent) of antimicrobial preparations of new generation will be designed.

Antimicrobial activities of synthetic compounds will be experimentally studied in the State Scientific Center of Antibiotics.

The involvement of foreign scientists, the experts in the field of synthesis of special compounds as well as in the field of antimicrobial activity of the substances, is planning. Possible role of these experts may be consist in (but is not limited to) consulting and reviewing on all aspects of the Project.


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