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Climate Сhange Influence on Wheat


Research of Influence Change of Climate on Growth, Development and Productivity Wheat in Tajikistan

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  • ENV-MIN/Monitoring and Instrumentation/Environment
  • ENV-APC/Air Pollution and Control/Environment

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Senior Project Manager
Rudneva V Ya

Leading Institute
Institute of Botany, Plant Physiology and Genetics, Tajikistan, Dushanbe


  • Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche / Instituto di Biologia Agroambientale e Forestale, Italy, Rome

Project summary

The purpose of the given project is the research of possible influence change of climate (increase of temperature, water deficiency, atmospheric and soil drought) on growth, development and productivity of different genotypes of wheat, to reveal ability them to adaptation to warming of climate and development of the recommendations on reduction of negative influence of the stressful factors by plants wheat in conditions of Tajikistan.

In Tajikistan was not spent of researches on modeling conditions of external environment adequate to the different scripts of change climate, and study of growth and development of agricultural cultures, in particular wheat - of the basic food culture of Tajikistan. The action such stressful factor as high temperature, water deficiency, atmospheric and soil drought was not spent of researches of physiological-biochemical parameters of wheat plants, in particular. The influence of the above named factors on productivity wheat and its qualitative parameters (amount of protein, starch and cellulose) is not investigated. The realization of such researches will enable to find out adaptive ability of various genotypes of wheat to extreme conditions of environment and will help to create new grades, steady against conditions global warming, that is necessary for the decision of a problem of maintenance of the population by products of a feed in such extreme conditions.

The participants of the project are the experts in the field of physiology and biochemistry of plants and modeling of action of the factors of external environment on plants and have sufficient experience in the decision of problems having fundamental and applied meaning. The practical value of the project consists in creation of mathematical model describing the basic parameters vegetation and formation of a crop, stability of wheat plants to influence of a complex of the climatic factors in conditions global warming of environment, their physiological-biochemical features, development on the basis of the comparative analysis the test of systems describing a condition and ability vital activity of wheat in conditions of adverse action of the factors of environment.

The offered project answers the purposes ITSI for realization of reorientation of the weapon scientists peace activity and their integration in the international scientific community.

Volume of carried out jobs under the project is designed for three years (36 months) with use of modern methods, application of computer engineering for realization of theoretical accounts, processing and analysis of experimental data.

In successful performance of the project, its examination, estimation of quality and results of job, realization of technological aspects of a problem, the important role belongs to foreign collaborators, which participation creates favorable facilities for qualitative and timely implementation of the project.


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