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Capillary Cement Materials


Research of Properties of Capillary Cement Materials (CCM) and of Possibility of their Application for Want of Construction and Repair of Objects with a Radiation Load

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  • CHE-RAD/Photo and Radiation Chemistry/Chemistry
  • ENV-RWT/Radioactive Waste Treatment/Environment
  • FIR-NSS/Nuclear Safety and Safeguarding/Fission Reactors
  • MAT-OTH/Other/Materials
  • OTH-BIT/Building Industry Technology/Other

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Leading Institute
VNIITF, Russia, Chelyabinsk reg., Snezhinsk


  • ICS/Penetron International Ltd., USA, New York

Project summary

Many objects in nuclear branch intended for a storage of liquid radioactive materials and waste, for the different reasons have lost waterproofing properties and represent serious threat. A problem of the prompt development of effective technologies both repair acting, and waterproofing of erected structures of the indicated purpose in this connection is actual.

Recently in the world for a waterproofing of concrete CCM are widely applied. These materials have built up a reputation for themselves from the most best party. However any from firms - manufacturers did not conduct serious tests for their radiation stability. The similar researches would allow to determine the boundaries of application of so effective waterproofing materials on objects with a radiation load and together with the manufacturer to produce the appropriate recommendations and technologies of application.

VNIITF is represented by the most prepared structure for realization of such tests. At the enterprise there is all necessary equipment for radiation and structural researches, for study of modifications of chemical structure etc. There are experts in all areas of prospective works. Their qualification is rather high that not only to conduct standard researches, but also to develop if necessary new unique techniques of tests. If necessary for realization of additional special researches with appropriate certification VNIITF can attract of the constant partners both in branch, and outside of it (building institutes, institutes of hydrostructures).

The first trial tests (rigid scale - exposure up to 150 MRad) of powder of a material Penetron with observation of a modification of chemical structure were already conducted in VNIITF. The main total of this work - acknowledgement of necessity of the developed tests of CCM for check of their radiation stability in concrete structure.

Within the framework of the present Grant it is offered to prepare the project proposal to the ISTC project, including developed, agreed with the manufacturers the program of CCM tests.

In an outcome of design complete the conclusion on suitability of CCM (on an example of materials of group Penetron) for application for want of repair and construction of radiation loaded concrete structures and doze restrictions, and also supplemented list of typical constructions with the recommendations for use of CCM will be prepared.

The firm - manufacturer will train staff to application of both on firm, and on joint again to developed technologies. The collective which is capable to decide of a problem of a waterproofing any objects as in branch, and outside of it will be generated. The scheduled repair one from objects (for example will be conducted, waste store) of VNIITF and CCM will be applied for want of construction of small new object (for example, fire pool).

It is offered to attract in work above Grant and Project the scientists and experts from VNIITF, connected to the weapon. Thus, they grantive a possibility for redirect of the abilities on peace activity.

It is supposed integration of the scientists from VNIITF and firms - manufacturers.

The fundamental and applied researches and development of technologies in the field of a guard of an environment and nuclear safety are supported.

Upon termination of the project the possibility of application of outcomes of researches in market economy answering civil needs is not excluded.


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