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Irradiated Solutions for Biotechnology


Study of Properties and Biological Activity of Electrochemical Activated Solutions, its Modification by Radiation Nanosecond Duration for Apply in Medicine and Biotechnologies

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  • BIO-RAD/Radiobiology/Biotechnology
  • BIO-CGM/Cytology, Genetics and Molecular Biology/Biotechnology
  • MED-OTH/Other/Medicine
  • AGR-VTH/Vaccines and Theraupetics/Agriculture

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Leading Institute
VNIIEF, Russia, N. Novgorod reg., Sarov

Supporting institutes

  • Institute of Cell Biophysics, Russia, Moscow reg., Puschino


  • Electro-Chemical Technologies Ltd., USA, NV, Las-Vegas

Project summary

The Project is aimed at studying physical and chemical roots of biological activity of catholyte and anolyte solutions after they are affected by electric fields and currents as well as at studying the possibility of their modification under the effect of various radiation types. The goal of the Project is to investigate biological mechanisms of stimulation and inhibition by catholyte and anolyte solutions of the processes occurring at cell and molecular level to use them later in medicine and biotechnology.

The realization of the above-specified goal is provided by the created in RFNC – VNIIEF (Russian Federal Nuclear Center) of pulse accelerators that were applied in the activities dealing with the development and testing of nuclear weapons and military hardware components.

The advantages of the produced unique accelerating facilities are as follows:

  • capability of generating pulse neutron, electron and X-ray radiation of nanosecond duration;
  • high dose rate;
  • wide energy spectrum;
  • stability of radiation parameters;
  • regularity of radiation fields;
  • possibility of realizing hundreds of starts a day;
  • ecological safety in the course of operation.

Such duration of radiation pulses can be compared to the relaxation time of ions and some chemical compounds formed under the effect of radiation. Thus, the manifestation of the specific effect of ultra-short pulses to biological objects is highly possible. It is extremely interesting from the point of view of revealing the roots of activity and mechanisms of the biological effect of electrically activated solutions and suspensions (catholytes and anolytes). In RFNC – VNIIEF there is available the design and technology base to create and modify facilities aimed at electrochemical activation of solutions, measuring equipment and techniques of registering radiation field parameters of the facilities.

On the other hand the realization of the Project is ensured by the available in RAS ICB (Russian Academy of Sciences Institute of Cell Biophysics) set of laboratory equipment, computing machinery and many-year experience, accumulated by the Institute staff in the field of controlling biological activity and cell growth, studying processes of cells viability, stimulating and inhibiting biological processes at cell and molecular level occurring at growth and development of bacteria and sprouts of plants.

The advanced methods in studying anolytes and inhibiting cell growth made it possible to get the results compatible to the world results, while the results in revealing the mechanism of cell growth stimulation in catolytes of the nourishing medium are ahead of similar foreign developments.

The method of water solutions electrochemical activation has lately become widely spread. This method is based on producing catholyte and anolyte with anomalously (extraordinary) high physical and chemical activity after membrane elecrolysis of solutions realized using electric current in a diaphragm electrolyzer. Anolytes of chlorine natrum solutions have chiefly found application in medicine, agriculture and industry.

Catholytes and anolytes of multi-component solutions are of interest for medicine to stimulate and inhibit biological processes at biochemical and cell levels. Basing on such solutions one can get medical preparations of wide action range. Physical and chemical reasons of activity and molecular mechanisms of activated solutions biological effect are little understood.

The significance and novelty of the Project are explained by the following:

  • the publications in cell growth stimulation in catholyte of the nourishing medium are deficient in the world scientific literature;
  • the data on biological effects of ionizing radiation of ultra-short duration are also missing;
  • in practice of experimental biophysics the ultra-short pulses of electron, X-ray radiation have not been applied before as an instrument for studying catholyte and anolyte activities, reasons and mechanisms of their biological effect;
  • possibility of getting drugs of wide action range;
  • solution in future of the problems of agriculture, veterinary science, meat-and-milk industry, medicine where anolytes and catholytes can be used as extremely effective stimulating and disinfecting solutions;
  • solution of a set of ecological problems using cheap, accessible and harmless methods aimed at disinfecting the places highly attended by people (beaches, markets etc.), warehouses, dumps;
  • possibility of disinfection and purification of water used for drinking and cooking.


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