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Cell Culture of Natural Plants


Development of Biotechnological Methods for the Production of Higher Plant Cell Culture Biomass as Natural Plant Raw Material

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  • BIO-CGM/Cytology, Genetics and Molecular Biology/Biotechnology
  • BIO-IND/Industrial Biotechnology/Biotechnology
  • BIO-CHM/Biochemistry/Biotechnology
  • MAN-MAT/Engineering Materials/Manufacturing Technology

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Senior Project Manager
Gremyakova T A

Leading Institute
JSC Biochimmash, Russia, Moscow

Supporting institutes

  • Timiryazev Memorial Institute of Plant Physiology, Russia, Moscow


  • Korean Research Institute of Bioscience and Biotechnology/
  • Plant Cell Biotechnology Laboratory, Korea, Taejon

Project summary

Introduction and overview.

In the world a large part (about 25%) of medicines, many aromatic substances, food additives and other valuable substances are produced from natural plant sources. Due to the increasing deficit and cost of this raw material, usually obtained from rare and disappearing species of wild and plantation plants, biotechnological method of phytomass production is considered as the most perspective. The use of cell cultures instead of intact plants has a series of advantages, among them are: radical decision on the deficit problem of the initial raw material, the possibility of phytomass production, that is completely free of pollutants (herbicides, pesticides, heavy metals, etc.), new substances, not synthesized in the intact plants, industrialization and reduction of production costs, the possibility to control the process of the target products’ biosynthesis, etc. However, in the world there are known only single examples of the commercial production from biologically active substances, produced in plant cell culture because of the lack of the developed technologies of these productions.

Research-and-development, experimental-engineering and technological activities in the field of cell biotechnology (the establishment of high-productive cell strains, optimization of the culturing process, design of bioreactors), that have been performing during several years in some Institutions of Russia, including Institute of Plant Physiology, RAS and JSC “Biochimmash”, etc. could resulted in the creation of high productive technologies for the production of cell biomass as natural raw material with biologically active substances, but these activities were not finished because of insufficient budget. Therefore, the project is proposed, the aim of that is the development of efficient technology and the creation of pilot unit for the production of natural raw material – biomass of cells, producing a series of valuable biologically active substances for medical and other applications.

Expected results.

As a result of project performance, new strains of plant cells –producers of valuable biologically active substances will be established, optimal modes of their culturing in bioreactors (from laboratory to pilot-large-scale) will be worked out, pilot unit for biomass production will be created. In the whole, the results obtained represent scientific-biological and scientific-technical grounds for the development of pilot and large-scale technology and can be used for the working out of pilot - large-scale production regulations for the production of biomass of a series cell cultures while setting up new economically efficient and socially valuable productions of biotechnological produce for medicine, veterinary, parfumery, food industry. The results obtained can be used by the authors and be transferred to design and manufacturing institutions in order to develop technological and engineering documentation.

Conformity with the ISTC’s objectives.

The project is in full conformity with ISTC’s objectives. It will be performed with the participation of Russian specialists with previous activities as defence scientists and in close contact with the specialists of the other countries. Work on the project is aimed at solving of social and economical problems (provision of the output of economically efficient and socially valuable produce with the preservation of the fund of rare and disappearing species of plants).

Scope of Activities.

Project activities includes the performance of the complex of theoretical, experimental studies, engineering and technological developments, in order to solve the following tasks:

– establishment of new plant cell strains or the selection from already existing plant cell strains, optimization of their growth and biosynthesis of target products;

– theoretical substantiation of the method and experimental optimization of cell culturing process in laboratory bioreactors;

– scaling up of cell culturing process from laboratory to pilot and large-scale level, creation of the pilot unit and reproduction on it the process of cell culturing.

All tasks are to be performed by both participating institutions (JSC “Biochimmash” and Institute of Plant Physiology, RAS) according to species of cell cultures submitted by both institutions to the studies and taking into account the major profile of the activities of each institution – the participant of the project. The results of the project’s activity will be submitted to ISTC in the form of the reports, articles, records of the experiments, technical decisions on the development of the equipment and their acceptance certificates, passports to new cell strains.

Role of foreign collaborators.

According to the scope of the activities within the project it is proposed the cooperation with foreign institutions – collaborators; exchange of information in the course of project’s performance, including submission to ISTC of the comments to the reporting materials, participation in the project’s technical activity, that will be performed by ISTC specialists, rendering assistance at the visiting of international undertakings, performance of joint studies, seminars and symposia.


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