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Translation and Editing the Manuscript “Acoustic Encyclopaedia”, Make-up Page Creation

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  • INF-OTH/Other/Information and Communications

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Krylov Central Research Institute, Russia, St Petersburg

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  • VNIIEF, Russia, N. Novgorod reg., Sarov


  • Tohoku University / Department of Mechanical Engineering, Japan, Sendai\nAuburn University, USA, AL, Auburn\nUniversity of Sheffield, UK, Shiffield

Project summary

A plenty of books, journals, proceedings and other scientific literature in English has been appearing in Russia recently due to political changes allowing wide participation of Russian specialists in international events (conferences, congresses, etc.), in joint research projects and in other types of international activity. Unfortunately many Russian specialists are not efficient in use of materials in English due to the low level of knowledge of English and due to absence of substantial specialised dictionaries in the fields of science and technology. Acoustics as professional interest for more than ten thousand scientists and engineers in Russia unfortunately is not an exception in this process. The only English-Russian dictionary of acoustical terms published in 1965 contains rather narrow amount of acoustical terms. Many of terms presented in this acoustical dictionary are not used today taking into account rapid changes in science and technology happened recent twenty years. At the same time plenty of new terms indicating new developments and implementations in nowadays acoustics is absent in the mentioned dictionary. Russian engineers and scientists use mentioned acoustical dictionary very rare due to described reasons. The dictionary is not very helpful and effective for translation of modern texts. Creation of a new English-Russian dictionary containing many modern acoustical terms seems to be the way out of this situation.
Analysis of modern acoustical issues is required to find out as much scientific terms in various fields of acoustics and vibration as possible. Based on preliminary review of recent scientific issues in acoustics “Encyclopedia of Acoustics” is proposed to be the main English publication for a new dictionary preparing. “Encyclopedia of Acoustics” is a unique and comprehensive publication edited by the outstanding American scientist Professor M.J. Crocker and published in 1997 by John and Willey Publishing House. The Encyclopedia consists of four volumes and 2000 pages of A4 format in total. The Encyclopaedia comprises 18 parts including 166 chapters covering all aspects of theoretical and applied acoustics.
The Encyclopaedia describes the state of the art achievements in areas including the basis of linear acoustics, non-linear acoustics, atmospheric acoustics, underwater acoustics, ultrasound, mechanical vibration and impact, quantum acoustics, statistical methods in acoustics, formation of noise and protection against noise, processing of acoustic signals, psychological and physiological acoustics, speech, musical acoustics, acoustic measurements and others. More than 200 well-known and trustworthy world specialists in their fields have contributed to the Encyclopedia. More than 400 reviewers took part in the preparation of the Encyclopedia. The scale of effort put into the publication of the Encyclopedia is unprecedented. Scientific achievements in acoustics of the XX-th century are fully summarized in the Encyclopedia. There is no such comprehensive publication in Russia.
Translation of Encyclopedia of Acoustics is required to make choosing of acoustical terms for a new English-Russian dictionary easier.
Besides, this translation will make it possible to prepare the final pages of the “Encyclopedia of Acoustics” to publish it in Russian in the future. At the same time with the creation of the English-Russian acoustics dictionary the Russian-English acoustics dictionary will be created also. This unique dictionary will make it possible to western acousticians to receive an information about investigations of Russian colleagues directly from scientific technical literature published in Russian.
Thus, the final goal of this project is creation of the final pages of the “Encyclopedia of Acoustics” and Russian-English and English-Russian acoustics dictionary.
The project will be carried out in regular consultation with the foreign collaborators, and accordingly their contribution in respect of the scientific aspects of the project, discussion in relation to the list of acoustical terms for English-Russian Acoustics Dictionary will constitute the most significant activities of the foreign collaborators.
Leading specialists in the field of acoustics constitute the working group of the proposed project, which indicate the scientific competence of the group. Professor Alexey S. Nikiforov will be acting as the Head and general project manager. He is one of the leading specialists in the field of acoustics. He is currently a Senior Researcher in the Krylov Central Scientific-Research Institute. He is the President of the East-European Acoustical Association, Member of several international acoustical societies, and Member of the Council of the International Commission of Acoustics (ICA). He is also the Editor-in-Chief of the journal of “Technical Acoustics”.
Professor Nickolay I. Ivanov will be acting as the Scientific Head and manager of the project. He is one of the well-known scientists in vibroacoustics. He is honored by the title of the Senior Fellow of Science of the Russian Federation. He is a Member of several international acoustical societies, including the International Institute of Acoustics and Vibration, and is the Managing Editor of the “International Journal of Acoustics and Vibration”. The working group includes two further professors, who are also well-known specialists in acoustics.
The leading members of the working group have authored several books, monographs and handbooks in the area of acoustics, and have considerable first-hand experience in manuscript preparation for high quality publication.
The essential features of the technical approach and methodology of the proposed project include translation of the “Encyclopedia of Acoustics” into Russian, preparing of the list of acoustical terms appeared in the Encyclopedia to be used in the dictionary, approval of the list with foreign collaborators, compilation and scientific editing of the “Encyclopedia of Acoustics” and Dictionary and preparation of the final pages of the “Encyclopedia of Acoustics” in Russian and the Russian-English and English-Russian Acoustics Dictionary.
The preparation of final pages of the dictionary will be designed by specialists who have experience of preparation of final pages of scientific and technical literature in Russian and English.
The proposed project meets the ISTC objectives on solution to ecological problems in the area of acoustics and vibration, and on transfer and realization of potential military-technical activities for meeting civil needs. The project will further allow reducing the costs of ecological effects, and improving the quality of research and development in the area of acoustics in Russia and the CIS countries.


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