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Hydraulic Transport Systems


Development of the Methodology of the Calculation of the Effective Means of the Guarantee of Safe Operation of Main Hydraulic Transport Systems

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G. Tsulukidze Mining Institute, Georgia, Tbilisi


  • Czech Technical University / Faculty of Civil Engineering, Czechia, Prague\nSTI International Associates, USA, CA, San Rafael\nPipeline Systems Incorporated, USA, CA, Concord\nInstitute of Water Problems, Bulgaria, Sofia\nPolitechnika Slaska / Institut Eksploatacji Zloz, Poland, Gliwice

Project summary

At the operation of the head hydraulic transport systems (pulp pipelines, oil and gas pipelines, water pipelines) at transient regimes (startup and slowdown of the system) a fluctuation of pressures in a considerable range takes place. Frequently an amplitude and the vibration frequency are so significant that cause a serious accidents, as a results of which a pumps, pipeline fittings become inoperative; a systems are out of action for a long time. Moreover at the damage of pulp pipelines and oil pipelines a considerable environmental contamination occurs. A liquidation of the consequences of accidents demands significant capital investments. All above-mentioned determines a considerable technical-economic (since a serious damages, as well as a death of a service personnel aren’t excluded) and social injure, a contamination of the environment. On this basis, a providing of safe operation of mentioned systems is of great technical, economic, social and ecological importance.

The problem is especially pointed at multistep (at in-series connection of the pumps into main pipelines by scheme “pump into pump”) pulp pipelines and oil pipelines when in transported liquid media a solid abrasive particles are in large quantities (this is mainly concerned with a pulp pipelines), which adversely affects on a reliability of hydraulic transport systems since it causes an intense hydroabrasive wear of pipelines and of an equipment.

On the basis of above-mentioned for avoiding of indicated undesirable consequences an elaboration of efficient means is necessary which can ensure a safe operation of head hydrotransport systems. In this direction a scientific-research works has been carried out in G.Tsulukidze Mining Institute over many years. In this scientific-technical direction a Laboratory of pipeline transport and hydroaerodynamics was accepted as a leading. Basic theoretical and engineering-practical researches, performed under the supervision of prof. L.Makharadze, received an universal recognition of the world’s scientific society. The main results of theoretical scientific researches have been published in scientific papers and monographs of the main project executors. Novelty, originality and usefulness of technical solutions are protected by author’s certificates and patents.

Presented project provides an extension of previous investigations for elaboration of the following problems: new efficient and reliable systems for safe operation of a head hydraulic transport systems; procedure for calculation of operative and constructive parameters of these means; recommendations for their exploitation at specific operating conditions for their realization in a large scale at the industry and other fields.

On the basis of above-mentioned, project executors have a significant experience and a certain skills in the elaboration of methodological foundations for calculation of the operative and constructive parameters for safe operation of a head main hydraulic transport systems (main oil-and gas pipelines, pulp pipelines, pipelines for water supply and irrigation).

The main objective of the project is an elaboration of the methodology and a software for calculation of operating and design parameters of the means for safe operation of a head main pipelines of hydraulic transport systems on the basis of performed basis theoretical researches and special computer programs as well as checking of the validity of theoretical layings out by means of experimental researches at natural conditions.

The scientific value of the project consists in an elaboration of a scientifically justified methodology based on basic investigations of non-steady processes in a head main pipelines with regard to the presence of a most efficient means of hydraulic transport systems as well as of an unique software, permitting to determine their operative and design parameters at automatic regime, providing a reliability and durability of hydraulic transport systems.

The practical value consists in an elaboration of the following tasks: procedures permitting to determine an operative and design parameters to a high accuracy of a means for safe exploitation of a head hydraulic transport systems which may be attained by special programs of computation as well as by simulation and experimental checking at actual conditions; unique flow-charts and programming cards to compute a separate means as well as a graphs and nomographs for defining of an operative and design parameters of mentioned means; establishment of rational fields of their application; recommendations for their realization depending on the specific operating conditions.

The commercial value of the project appears from the practical aim and lies in the fact that a field of realization of main project results is practically unbounded since a head hydraulic transport systems are in wide use practically in all the branches of the industry, agriculture, consumer service. On this basis there is no doubt that these results will have a large demand at international market, of course in Georgia and neighbour regions where a main oil and gas pipelines are successfully operating.

For this purpose a business-plan for each type of protective construction will be elaborated by which it will be possible to judge about a specific conditions whereby the use of one or other type of elaboration may be used most efficiently.

Project completely corresponds to INTC aims, since in its realization well-known scientists, previously by connected with a various problems of weapons, are involved. Proposed project will give them a possibility for the reorientation of their abilities and skills to civil activity. Project will support previous researches for peaceful purposes as well as integration of the scientists of G.Tsulukidze Mining Institute will be encouraged, too.

To attain a project goals it is necessary to solve a problems listed in an “Activity volume” of presented project (tasks 1-10). For their solution 2,5 years are required.

Methodology and technical elaborations will be based on the following: Use of a basic principles of Mechanics, hydrodynamics, hydroaerodynamics, theoretical mechanics, study of strength of materials; experimental researches at specially equipped stands with a further analysis of these investigations based on mathematical methods of the processing of obtained experimental data and determination of the characteristics of the protective means; Use of the instrumentation and recording apparatus; special programs of computation; graphical-analytical method of the design of actual operating characteristics of means, providing a reliability of the exploitation of a head main hydraulic transport systems.

A well-known scientists and specialists in the field of mechanics, hydrodynamics, hydroaerodynamics, materials science, hydraulic transport will be selected as a collaborators, which may coordinate and control an elaborations and investigations, performed to project and may join to these investigations and to realization of obtained results if necessary.


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