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Laser Treatment of Cancer


Development of Laser Installations and Methods for Laser Treatment of Oncological and Infectious Disease and Radiation Lesions

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  • PHY-OPL/Optics and Lasers/Physics

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Leading Institute
NIIEFA Efremov, Russia, St Petersburg

Supporting institutes

  • VNIIEF, Russia, N. Novgorod reg., Sarov


  • Spectrum Bioscience, Inc., USA, DC, Washington\nRochester General Hospital / Laser Center, USA, NY, Rochester

Project summary

Project objectives are:
- the development laser methods for treatment of oncological, infectious diseases and radiation lesions because the conventional methods for treatment of these diseases are limited or insufficiently effective at present time;
- the development and manufacture necessary specialized laser installations for investigations and medical practice;
- the provision of the laser therapy methods by the necessary theoretical substantiation, mathematical calculations and software.

Technical approaches

Within the frames of the project it is proposed to develop new lasers for selected phototherapy tumors (destruction of tumors without use of photosensitizers). These laser installations will be based on semiconductors laser radiators with different systems of delivery-concentration of the laser energy to biotissues. It is suggested to continue works on application of the laser effects for phototherapy of the post-operating complications and on the pre-operating preparation of patients.

It is assumed to develop lasers for phototherapy of infectious diseases:

- the development of the installations with semiconductor large radiation area radiators;
- the fulfillment of investigations on the search for the optimal regimes of the laser effects.

To provide the works on the laser effects on alive tissues the processes of laser-tissue interaction will be numerically simulated and the software will be developed.

Expected results

As a result of the realization of this Project new methods and new laser installations should be theoretically substantiated, verified during the investigations and tested in the process of clinical trials for treatment of:

- patients with tumors in pre- and post-operating periods (the treatment of complications); the methods of laser nonthermal destruction of these tumors without photosensitizers,
- patients with heavy viral diseases such as viral hepatitis,
- patients with diseases of the immune system such as HTV-infection,
- patients with diseases caused by radiation lesions of the tissues and the immune system, including persons, who suffered during the accident at the Chemobyl Nuclear Power Station.

At the same time, the conceptions of the radiation interaction with the alive tissues and the organisms will be improved.


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