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Mobile Holographic Complex


Development of Mobile Holographic Complex for Non-Destructive Testing and Technical Diagnostics of Machines and Constructions under Laboratory and Natural Conditions

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  • INS-MEA/Measuring Instruments/Instrumentation

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Senior Project Manager
Komarkov D A

Leading Institute
Almaty Engineering Center for Laser Technology, Kazakstan, Almaty

Supporting institutes

  • VNIITF, Russia, Chelyabinsk reg., Snezhinsk\nKaliningrad State University, Russia, Kaliningrad reg., Kaliningrad


  • University of Maryland at Baltimore, USA, MD, Baltimore\nRecognition Technology, Inc., USA, MA, Framingham\nKarl Stetson Associates, USA, CT, Coventry

Project summary

The present Work Plan was developed on the basis of the project proposal # K-127, whose purpose was creation of a universal holographic measuring complex for nondestructive tests of responsible elements of bulky constructions under production conditions. The project K-127 was submitted in ISTC in 1996 and after its consideration in June, 1998 the American party allocated the Project Development Grant in the total of 20 000 USA dollars on the theme "Identifying and Incorporation Collaborators and Partners to support of technical and financial aspect of project proposal #K-127"Development of a Mobile Holographic Complex for Non-destructive Testing and Technical Diagnostics of Machines and Constructions under Laboratory and Natural Conditions" and the financing party recommended to establish " collaboration with US holography experts to address: vibration sensitivity of holographic interferometry; possibility use of digital data acquisition instead of film based holography, and choice of laser."
Due to the given financing the authors of the project have visited USA and have conducted personal meetings with the qualified American experts( Dr. Karl Stetson, internationally known expert in the field of an interferometric holography, Dr.J. Wahid, expert in the field of development of digital holographic devices, Dr. A. Ibragimov, expert in the field of solid-state lasers), have got their consent to achieve participation in the project in quality of callobarators. The authors have also taken part in work of the world exhibition " Laser 99 " and international scientific symposium "Industrial Laser and Inspection", Munich, Germany, and established contacts with leading world scientists in the field of interferometric holography, and also with representatives of leading firms - manufacturers of holographic and laser equipment.
The obtained information allows to make following basic conclusions:
Due to such advantages as contactless, high sensitivity, capability of holding measurements simultaneously on considerable areas of objects of any shape and materials, the holographic methods are of serious interest for experts busy in the field of NDT and are used widely under conditions of specialized optical laboratories.

However special interest for a science and industry represents usage of unique capabilities of holography at NDT of important highly loaded constructions under natural conditions, such as elements of power plants (reactors, boilers, pump units), products of the airspace, automotive, shipbuilding industries, as their failures during operation result in essential material and human losses, serious ecological consequences.

The main task of the project is the development a powerful mobile double-pulse holographic laser using in the master oscillator of a phosphate neodymium glass and kit of changeable digital holographic modules which in the aggregate form a universal measuring complex for solving a large number of tasks in the field of non-destructive testing of large out-of-doors constructions under industrial conditions.

To accomplish these tasks in the shortest time and with maximum quality level the participants plan to join the achievements of the CIS institutes in development of mobile measuring laser systems with the latest achievements of the American collaborator (Karl Stetson Associate and Recognition Technologies) in the field of digital holography.

As a radiation source the authors plan to use a powerful pulse laser, which will be developed during the project.

To provide the solving of a maximum broad circle of tasks at nondestructive tests the authors plan to develop a set of replaceable digital holographic modules on the basis of the CCD-camera. Use of the CCD-camera will allow to obtain the interferogramms in real time in a not blacked out room.

For maintenance of maximum reproducibility and reliability of results of the measurements the participants plan to develop an automated control system, which will allow to synchronize the operation of main devices with the requested phase of investigated high speed processes most frequently met in practice, and also to carry out automated decoding and display of results. At this as the universal contactless sensor, ensuring obtaining information on the character of investigated process, a precision laser vibrometer of an original design will be used.

With the purpose of maintenance maximum adaptation of the installation for use under production conditions the authors plan during the design study to group all the above devices as a mobile autonomous complex, and also to optimize the construction of all details and units for maintenance of maximum high consumer properties.

With the aim of providing for a possibility of further multiplication and commercialization of the project results the participants also intend to work out a complete set of the complex and the exploitation documentation in Russian and English.

The project complete have created actual premises for development of a universal holographic measuring complex of new generation, which will allow to solve a broad circle of problems in the field of non-destructive monitoring of full-scale constructions and will be as much as possible adapted to using by the engineers.


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