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Photoexitation of Nuclei by X-ray


Research into Photoexcitation of Nuclei by Characteristic X-Radiation

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  • PHY-ANU/Atomic and Nuclear Physics/Physics

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VNIITF, Russia, Chelyabinsk reg., Snezhinsk

Project summary

The objective of this project is to set up and conduct experiments to study phenomenon of resonance pumping of nuclear levels with characteristic X-radiation as well as to determine spectroscopic characteristics of some nuclei g-transitions. Such investigations are interesting, first of all, from the point of view of global problem on gamma-ray laser elaboration. This new diagnostic instruments, not existed yet, is very perspective for many technical and scientific applications (in medicine, biology etc.)

The project is planned to include the following directions of activities:

- acquisition and analysis of utmost complete information on the energies of levels for isotopes of medium and heavy nuclei in the excitation range not more than 100 keV,
- search for g-transitions that is in good resonance coincidence with Ka and Kb lines of some chemical element;
- apparatus, creation of measuring facility;
- g-fluorescence measurements under direct radiation of X-ray tube for a pairs of materials, of which anode and target under study are made, characterized by good development of special X-ray tube with replaceable anodes, upgrade of available X-ray overlapping of pumping and pumped lines;
- application of the Compton scattering technique for improving resonance overlapping quality for some nuclei and anodes, optimization of scatters design;
- analysis and interpretation of obtained experimental results applying available spectroscopic models and codes, development of model for kinetics of g-fluorescence.

In the course of project implementation it is proposed to develop technique of recording g-fluorescence produced by some nuclei pumped with characteristic X-ray tube radiation and measure appropriate photoexcitation cross sections and probabilities of radiation decay, interpret results obtained within the frames of existing models of nucleus.

Activities under the project will mostly include experimental research on the basis of existing X-ray apparatus and measuring facility under development. Considerable part of efforts will be focused at their development.

Besides, some efforts will be directed to set close contacts with leading scientific groups, investigating nucleus structure, and with banks of nuclear spectroscopic information.


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