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Plate-Type Heat Exchanger


Conduction of Experimental Studies of Heat Exchange Element of Plate-Type Heat Exchanger Aiming at Enhancement of its Effectiveness Owing to Design Improvement and Optimization of Used Heat Exchange Intensifiers

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  • NNE-HCS/Heating and Cooling Systems/Non-Nuclear Energy

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Experimental Designing Bureau of Machine Building (OKBM), Russia, N. Novgorod reg., N. Novgorod


  • FRAMATOME, France, Paris La Défense\nGeneral Atomics, USA, CA, San Diego

Project summary

Plate-type heat exchangers were widely used in different branches of industry, and, in particularly in power-saving technologies.

In comparison with other types of heat exchangers, the plate-type heat exchangers have greater heat exchange surface compactness and minimum weight-dimension characteristics.

OKBM develops compact the plate-type heat exchangers since 1996 year.

OKBM has designed a number of the plate-type heat exchangers, including “water-water” and “gas-gas” heat exchangers.

Particular interest has “gas-gas” heat exchangers which can be used in gas-turbine plants of gas-pumping stations.

In 1997 year OKBM developed heat exchange element for the “gas-gas” heat exchanger, later full-scale heat exchange element was manufactured by one of factories and transferred to OKBM to conduct comprehensive studies.

Practical experience of mastering technology and manufacture of pilot heat exchange element showed that used design of the heat exchange surface has complex technology of manufacture and assembly, that increases labour-intensiveness of manufacture and cost of the plate-type heat exchangers as a whole.

OKBM did not terminate the activities to find more adaptable to manufacture and effective design of heat exchange element for plate-type heat exchangers, that meets the requirements of high-run production.

In connection with this modified design of heat exchange element was developed in 1999 year.

New heat exchange element for plate-type heat exchangers developed by OKBM is more adaptable to manufacture in comparison with the element developed in 1997 year and according to experts assessment has increased thermal effectiveness.

Application for proposed invention No 72/2728-50 dated March 23, 2000 has been executed on this technical decision.

Given heat exchange element is offered to manufacture and carry out its studies within given ISTC Project.

Proposed new technical decision of plate-type heat exchange surface is universal and can be used in any branches of power machine-building.

OKBM performed also design studies of heat exchangers of water-water, water-gas and other types, which used plate-type heat exchange surface from plane zigzag-type strip that is spaced by support elements located between corrugations. Now several similar heat exchangers are operated at JSC “Akron”, town Novgorod.

May 26, 1997 at request of Shinichiro Ogura, Deputy ISTC Executive Director OKBM send the Summary of perspective study on high-compact plate-type heat exchangers, that has been included later in the bank of data arranged at first disk of ISTC CD-ROM. Articles on new types of plate-type heat exchangers, developed by OKBM were published in magazines “Chemical and oil-gas machine-building”, No 12, 1998 and “Oil-gas technologies”, No 5/6, September – December, 1998.


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