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Safe Use of Hydrogen


The Development of Technology of Hydrogen Safe Use for Dwelling Heating and Kitchen-Ranges

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  • NNE-HCS/Heating and Cooling Systems/Non-Nuclear Energy
  • CHE-IND/Industrial Chemistry and Chemical Process Engineering/Chemistry
  • NNE-FUE/Fuels/Non-Nuclear Energy
  • NNE-MEC/Miscellaneous Energy Conversion/Non-Nuclear Energy

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Leading Institute
Institute of Seismology, NAS, Kyrgyzstan, Bishkek

Supporting institutes

  • Kyrgyz-Russian Slavonic University, Kyrgyzstan, Bishkek

Project summary

Main aim of the project is development of hydrogen safe use as fuel, that now is competitive (and at the future may to replace) traditional fuels (Petroleum, natural gas, coal), that is very important for regions with bounded resources of the petroleum and natural gases (for example Kyrgyz Republic).

Existent traditional power sources have several unattractively properties, like boundaries resources, giant communication, environment protection problems, lower power-capacity.

There are several methods for hydrogen generation. Main method for hydrogen generation is gasification of gases, fluid and solid fuels. Kyrgyzstan has bounded resources of the raw materials. Because of it main method is gasification of the Bovey coal, that mining by open coal mine method and don’t used as fuel.

For producing the hydrogen from the water it used it’s interaction with the active metals. For example alloy of the sodium with the silicon.

One of the future technology for hydrogen generation is using of renewable power sources for producing of the hydrogen fuel.

Hydrogen we can to use for power accumulation and for power transition into the renewable power systems. When for production of electricity power it is used renewable power sources like solar- or wind- power systems, their productivity is dependent of seasons. By using hydrogen me may to create the system for accumulating and transit the power to the renewable power systems.

It is exist method for generation of the hydrogen by using electrolysis with polymer-ions membranes for separation water to hydrogen and oxygen. Oxygen is pollute to the atmosphere and hydrogen is store into the balloons under pressure.

However we have to solve problems of safety at the any steps of development, producing, assembling and exploitation of hydrogen system.

Project participants have enough experience in research and development for laboratory installation of hydrogen generators with the gases separation and with the different productivity, that also have anti-detonation equipment for balloons contained hydrogen for transportation and exploitation.

Project forecast researches for development harmless technology exploitation of hydrogen for civil applications. On the basic of researches we print information letters, like at the time when electricity power were introduced to the human practice. Into the project we plant to create pilot equipment for producing of hydrogen fuel (producing, delivery, storage, communication, flaming) in civil aims (heating of the water and cookers), development of the technical and support documentations and recommendations for exploitation for hydrogen equipment.

Project is applicable researches. Scientific activity of the project is exclusively civil – protection of the ecological and economical interests of humans and environmental protection.

Project forecast to involve weapons scientists and engineers.

Project forecast seven main tasks, that are stage of the project execution:

  1. Investigation of the abilities for hydrogen production into the Kyrgyzstan.
  2. Researches and development and testing different kind of hydrogen burners.
  3. Development and testing especial type of the hydrogen burners. Investigation of the parameters of the stop valve for hydrogen communication.
  4. Development ad installation of the pilot hydrogen generator with gases separation and clearing of hydrogen.
  5. Creation of industrial (civil) equipment for heating and cookers.
  6. Development of the support documentation.
  7. Development of the center for investigation safety of hydrogen exploitation.

Into the frame of the project accordingly with claims of ISTC we’ll involve foreign collaborators. Collaborators will represent a comments for technical reports, transmit the information, check results, participate in producing and attesting of hydrogen equipments, participate in project’s seminars, participate in testing of the project activity, support for project participants, participate in joint publishing.

At the project execution it will used existent models and method that show statistics and dynamics of the processes in producing and exploitation of hydrogen fuel, also with given experience of the exploitation of hydrogen and it’s equipments and communications.

At the scientific researches we’ll use, created by us, data bank of hydrogen technologies and equipment.

As result of work, we’ll derive technology and technique for the harmless communication and burning of hydrogen by using of industrial hydrogen generator, that able satisfy civil necessity for cookers and home heating.

Represented results is essential for attesting and control of State Standard Committee of Kyrgyz Republic.


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