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Fine Titanium Powders


Development of the Technique of Manufacturing of Fine Titanium Powders for the Needs of Medical Industry

Tech Area / Field

  • MAT-ALL/High Performance Metals and Alloys/Materials
  • CHE-IND/Industrial Chemistry and Chemical Process Engineering/Chemistry

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Leading Institute
AO Kompozit, Russia, Moscow reg., Korolev

Supporting institutes

  • VNIIKhT (Chemical Technology), Russia, Moscow


  • Aubert & Duval, France, Paris Cedex 15

Project summary

The project is devoted to development of the technique of manufacturing of fine titanium granules for the needs of medical industry.

JSC Kompozit is the leading company, one out of three, dealing with granular metallurgy and has the full set of necessary technological equipment.

The granular metallurgy technique has advantages in comparison with gas dispersion powders technique by means of due to the high speeds of cooling during granules crystallization that provide the homogeneous small-grained structure, high dispersion and uniformity of phase components in the whole volume of granules. Gas dispersion powders can’t be used for medical needs because they have an uneven surface, gas porosity and high content of impurities.

Constantly increasing demands to medical application products set the task of receiving especially small size (no more than 150 μm) of titanium granules.

Solution of this task is possible only using technique of granular metallurgy. This technique opens wide possibilities for production high-quality and especially small size (no more than 150 mkm) spherical granules (powders) from titanium. At the same time it is necessary to pay especial attention on the effect of quality of bars-electrodes for centrifugal dispersion to receiving of high-quality granules.

Key points of technique of producing small-sized spherical titanium powders is the process of centrifugal dispersion of melt and further granules crystallization with speeds of cooling 102-104 0C/c. At the same time rotary speed of atomized electrodes is up to 13000-15000 RPM.

The technique ensures the following main structure effects of metallic alloys:

  • general increase in chemical and structural homogeneity, abrupt decrease in degree and scale of segregation;
  • decreasing size of microstructure elements (grain size, dendrite cell, etc) and formation of microcrystalline structures;
  • plastic deformation (including super plasticity) and the directed crystallization opportunity;
  • rise of homogeneity of distribution and dispersion of secretions and redundant phases;
  • formation of super-saturation solid solutions and suppression of secretions of stable and meta-stable phases;
  • regulated formation of meta-stable consolidating phases.

The industry products from titanium and nickel alloys industry by granular metallurgy technique have been already received. But the technological process of especially small-size spherical titanium powders granules receiving only lies ahead the content of probable ISTC project working plan. That’s why the purpose of the present project is the development of the technique of manufacturing of fine (no more than 150 μm) titanium powders (granules) for the needs of medical industry.

The probable result of the project is the development of the technique of manufacturing of fine (no more than 150 mkm) titanium powders (granules) to provide commercial deliveries of titanium granules to the medical industry production enterprises.


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