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The Book: “Near the Explosion Epicenter”


Preparation of Electronic Book “Near the Explosion Epicenter”

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Tyurin I A

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VNIIEF, Russia, N. Novgorod reg., Sarov


  • Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory / University of California, USA, CA, Livermore\nSandia National Laboratories, USA, NM, Albuquerque\nLos-Alamos National Laboratory, USA, NM, Los-Alamos

Project summary

Goal of Project.

Goal of Project is acquaintance of a wide circle of readers with stages of foundation of the hydrodynamic technique for determination of energy (“power”) of nuclear charges explosions at their underground tests, introduction of this technique in the practice of tests.

Besides, Project will include a series of essays devoted to conduction of the other efforts at test sites, in particular on study of properties of active materials.

All text is based on description of real events occurred during preparation and conduction of charges testing.


Now, when tests of nuclear charges are prohibited, several monographs-researches devoted to history of nuclear weapon development appeared in media. Such researches have appeared both in Russia and in USA. However, in the works devoted to foundation of "Atomic project of Russia" the theme of underground tests has been mentioned very slightly. Naturally, the issues associated with determination of charges power that is one of the basic objectives of tests also were not covered. Till now this area remains some kind of "blank spaces" in the history of nuclear weapon development in Russia. Similar "blank spaces" are also efforts "accompanying" directly tests of nuclear charges.

Competence of the Participants.

Author of the future book was an active participant of the technique creature at all stages of its development. He was a direct participant of efforts associated with 125 various underground tests. Also he was the head of many field tests, which were not directly associated with nuclear explosions.

Expected Results.

As the result of Project, the manuscript with a general title “Near the explosion epicenter” will be written. The manuscript will consist of approximately 30 chapters-essays with the total volume of 300 pages with black-and-white and color illustrations, photos. Basing on real events, in simple and intelligible form the author will tell about foundation and introduction of the hydrodynamic method in tests practice for determination of power, researches of active metals, and some other proposals associated with underground explosions. Life of experimenters at test sites, work conditions, mutual relations, various tragic and funny cases will be widely shown. These very facts will constitute the base of the future book.

ISTC Goal.

Project is aimed to weaken the subjective factors, which impede acquaintance of the world community with results of scientific researches performed by scientists of the "closed" Institute. Activity here includes collaboration with foreign scientific centers, and it will allow:

– Project provides highly skilled weapons scientists and engineers from RFNC-VNIIEF with opportunities to redirect their talents to peaceful activities, using knowledge and expertise accumulated when writing the monograph.

– Project encourages involving of RFNC-VNIIEF experts into international cooperation by getting acquaintance with expertise of Russian experts and direct discussions at technical conferences.

Scope of Efforts.

For creating the electronic book, the whole complex of efforts will be performed:

– the author will write manuscript of the book including recollections on creature and development of the hydrodynamic technique for determination of power of underground nuclear explosions, description of work and life of the experimenters at nuclear test sites of Russia;

– experts of information departments will translate the book in English;
– editorial processing of the manuscript text will be carried out.

Role of Foreign Collaborators.

In accordance with scope of activities under the framework of the proposed Project (see above), the scope of activities for collaboration with foreign expert(s) is the following:

– information exchange during the Project fulfillment;

– estimation of the book materials by experts;
– providing assistance for the Project participants in visiting international workshops and conferences.

Technical Approach and Methodology.

For the book writing, it is planned to use:

– recollections of the author on events, in which he took part;

– recollections of the author colleagues about the most interesting events at test sites when testing charges;
– archival materials associated with tests;
– photographic materials.


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