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Transmutation in Fast Reactors


Experimental and calculation investigation to validate the concept of the reactor technology with ultimate neutronics and thermal-hydraulic characteristics.

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  • FIR-MOD/Modelling/Fission Reactors

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Senior Project Manager
Tocheny L V

Leading Institute
Federal State Unitary Enterprise Research and Development Institute of Power Engineering named after N.A.Dollezhal, Russia, Moscow

Supporting institutes

  • VNIIEF, Russia, N. Novgorod reg., Sarov\nAll-Russian Scientific Research Institute of Non-Organic Materials named after A. Bochvar, Russia, Moscow


  • Power Reactor and Nuclear Fuel Development Corporation (PNC), Japan, Tokyo

Project summary

Transmutation in specialized reactors of long-lived fission products (I-129, Tc-99) and actinides (Np, Am, Cm) bred in power reactors is an efficient means to solve the ecological issue of radioactive wastes management.

Specialized fast. reactors of homogeneous type with circulating metal fuel of high density in the core can transmutate either long-lived fission products or actinides from a large number (20…30) of PWR-type reactors of the same power; bomb-grade Pu can be burnt up in them; they do not require production of fuel elements and assemblies and possess inherent protection and safety properties.

The development of the specialized homogeneous reactor with high-density fuel in the core entails the solution of the issue of interaction between melted fuel and structural materials of the fuel circulation circuit. This problem can be solved as follows: application of special materials and coatings; reduction of fuel melting point; application of the new thermohydraulic scheme of heat removal providing fuel meltdown in the core and fuel circulation beyond the core under a relatively cold granulated condition; development of skull shielding of the core containers wall and other activities.

This proposal consists in experimental and calculation investigation to substantiate the concept of reactor technology with ultimate neutronic and thermohydraulic characteristics that can be attained owing to application of the new thermohydraulic scheme of heat removal providing high-density fuel in the core and ultimate density of heat removal from fuel in homogeneous reactor with circulating metal fuel. Two specialized reactors are the subjects of inquiry: reactor to transmutate long-lived fission products and reactor to transmutate actinides. The final stage of the work is a conceptual study of specialized reactors where the scientific and engineering aspects of the mentioned problems are considered and the main engineering solutions of the reactors are chosen.

The development of the project proposed enables to solve a variety of scientific and engineering problems that provide the development of promising line of nuclear technology and promote transfer of industrial and technical potential to an activity that meets civil needs.


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