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Leaden Concentrates Complex Processing


Development of Technology of Leaden Concentrates' Complex Processing

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  • CHE-IND/Industrial Chemistry and Chemical Process Engineering/Chemistry
  • CHE-ANL/Analytical Chemistry/Chemistry

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Leading Institute
Tamokhush, Tajikistan, Isfara

Supporting institutes

  • Tajik Technical University named after M.S.Osimi, Tajikistan, Dushanbe


  • University of Calgary, Canada, AB, Calgary

Project summary

The aim of the project is creation of hydro-metallurgical processing technology for leaden concentrates of Adrasman Ore Mining and Processing Enterprise.

In the former USSR, there was the following metallurgical manufacture structure: mining and primary processing - enrichment with the purpose of reception of concentrates was carried out in the mines. These concentrates were sent for processing to metallurgical enterprises. After Soviet Union disintegration, the majority of mineral ore processing complexes split in the different states. Particularly, Adrasman OPE produced leaden concentrated products, delivered them to Chimkent leaden factory where ready-made products like metal leaden, precious metals alloys and etc. were manufactured. Now these enterprises are located in different states. Today the enterprises carrying out mining and primary processing (enrichment) of ore, including Adrasman OPE, are in difficult situation because of unprofitability of their manufactures caused by the low prices for concentrated products. The low prices for concentrated products are dictated by foreign consumers. Besides, the quality of produced concentrated products was focused for the further processing in the determined complexes, which complicates their access to world market. That is why Adrasman OPE mainly is not working, and that’s why the problem of further local processing of leaden concentrated products of Adrasman OPE is very actual. Processing of concentrated products of Adrasman OPE using traditional method (pyrometallurgic) is unacceptable because of the following reasons:

  1. Low content of leaden in concentrated products, which is caused by difficult enrichment of region's ore its processing using pyrometallurgic method results with considerable technological losses and power expenses.
  2. Large capital investment in the case of new processing capacity construction.
  3. Ecological problems are not taken into account during production of leaden by pyrometallurgical method.

In this connection, the technology development for hydrometallurgical processing of Adrasman concentrated products is proposed using existing capacities of two hydrometallurgical region's plants: State Enterprise “Vostokredmet” in Chkalovsk-city and Joint stock Society of Open Type “Tamokhush” of Isfara Hydrometallurgical Plant in Isfara-city. This considerably decreases capital investment during organization of concentrated products processing at the expense of existing technological revisions, and solution of ecological problems on existing installation for catching and utilization of harmful emissions and manufacture waste. In addition, the problem of integrated approach to processing with extraction of accompanying valuable components is considered. That makes the project highly attractive and effective. To achieve the set goal it is necessary to solve the following tasks:
  1. Investigation of the Adrasman OPE structures of leaden concentrated products and, existing ways of processing of leaden concentrated products by hydro metallurgic methods.
  2. To put in practice selection and settle down technological plan of processing leaden concentrated products of Adrasman OPE.
  3. To carry out and select analytical methods for analyses of leaden concentrated products, intermediate products and products of processing according to offered technological plan (circuit).
  4. To develop optimum parameters of technological processing stage for leaden concentrated products in laboratory conditions.
  5. To give technical-economical rating offered by technological processing plan and to prepare proposals for further realization of the project.


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