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Biotechnological and Genetic Potential in Reserved Territories


Biosearch of Microbial Diversity in Natural Reserved Territories: Biotechnological and Genetic Potential

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  • BIO-DIV/Biodiversity/Biotechnology
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Kyrgyz Agrarian University, Kyrgyzstan, Bishkek


  • The State University of New Jersey RUTGERS / Biotechnology Center for Agriculture and the Environment, USA, NJ, New Brunswick

Project summary

The purpose of the project is the research of microbiological persity of the soil and the above surface resource of national reserved areas and the revelation of the unique strains of micro organisms with a new genetic and biotechnological features and creating of their genetic resource.

Project has orientation on the decision of two ecological important problems:

· to solve the problem of microbiological diagnostics and the indication of function and ecological stability of high mountainous ecosystems for their estimation.

· to solve the problem of provision of biotechnology and microbiological industry with new natural strains of micro organisms with high technological and biological features for the increasing of the quality of harmless biological preparations which used in the medicine, agriculture and ecology.

Core of the project

· to research the ecological and biological peculiarities of the microbiological persity of natural stable ecosystems located in extreme conditions;

· to find the unique and endemic strains of micro organisms with necessary properties for biotechnology and genetic engineering and to create their genetic recourse.

Actuality of project

Actuality of the project is that untouched, natural and virgin ecosystems have been becoming extinct on our planet and may be would absolutely disappeared on the earth. In this natural ecosystems have concentrated the richest biopersity of the nature in all heirs manifestation. The microorganisms play important role for functioning and self-regulation of ecosystem of the earth. Moreover the microorganisms give the rich variety of molecular and chemical forms in the nature, since a single bacterium has 3-4 thousand of genes and approximately 1200 metabolites. Therefore the research of microbial samples opens a new horizon of potential new finding the unknown genes and genetic products for different purposes. The extreme natural climatic zones (1500-3500 m above sea level, eternal shows, high altitude desert, continental climate, mud lakes and etc) have particular interest as an environment for survival and live of enormous variety of endemics micro organisms holding unknown gene with unique products.

Furthermore the discovered new genefonds in these environments would present the valuable scientific interest as genetic etalons for comparison of genes of prokaryotes from the modified landscapes.

It is known that approximately 99% of micro organisms from natural ecosystems usually are not cultivated by standard methods. Therefore the most of variety of bacteria from environment is unknown yet due to the difficulty in accumulation and isolation of micro organisms in the pure culture.

Participants of the project offer a new biogeocenosis vertical-tier method (simultaneous analysis of all layers of the ecosystem) of the research of microbiological persity by the methods of extraction of DNA directly from the soil samples without cultivation and by traditional methods of cultivation of micro organisms. Thus the project is based on the most effective method, which would allow the wide study and finding new genetic persity of soil’s micro organisms.

This approach allowing to perform the more deeply analysis of prokaryotic complexes of high mountainous ecosystems micro organisms in spatial-successional lines, to reveal of specific indicator species for extremal conditions that allow to estimate the functioning and ecological stability of high altitude ecosystems and the other side to isolate a new strains of microorganisms for needs of biotechnology and genetic engineering.

The project is founded on scientific results and inventions of project’s participants:

1. The strain of Bas. thuringiensis bacteria for production of the entomopathogenic preparation against Coleoptera pests. Patent №329 from 12.11.1998 year;

2. The strain of Trichoderma lignorum T-81 for production of the preparation against root’s rot of vegetable and technical crops. Patent №379 from 6.04.2000 year;

3. The strain of actinomyces Streptomyces bambergiensis KT-3 for protection of the conifers species from diseases and for stimulation their growth. Patent №00067 from 6.11.2001 year;

4. Scientific articles .

The project is based on long-term experience of scientists from Russia and Kyrgyzstan working in the fields of microbiology, biochemistry, molecular biology, and biotechnology and on experience of weapon scientists in field of biological weapon.

The category of project is fundamental and applied researches

The evolutional adaptation (morpho-physiological, ecological peculiarities) of microbe complexes to extremal living conditions and the regularities of geographic abundance depending a climatic zones and type of soil will be revealed as the result of realization of this project including approaches of molecular biology. The sites of origin and abundance of different species of microorganisms in natural ecosystems would be exactly described.

The outcome of project will be used to create of the collection of microorganisms and their effective biological products useful that will be using in medicine, agriculture, and preservation of the environments.

The fulfillment of project will give the opportunity for weaponry scientists and specialists from Russian Federation and Kyrgyz Republic participated in developing and testing of the weaporn to switch for peaceful activity. Also the project will help the scientists of Russian Federation and Kyrgyz Republic to be integrated in world scientific community, the support the investigation in peaceful projects and solving of national and international scientifically technology problems in the field of preservation and maintenance of the balance in environment, natural ecosystem, development of biotechnology.

The tasks of project:

1. to research the samples of soil, water, bedding, plants, corpse of insects taken from the extremal natural environment by methods of molecular biology and microbiology;

2. to study the ecological and morpho-physiological peculiarities of microorganisms of high mountainous ecosystems and to find the specific and indicator forms;

3. to estimate the biotechnological and genetic potential of obtained microorganisms;

4. to create the genetic resources of microorganisms which will be used in biotechnology and genetic engineering;

5. to make the map of exactly location and natural habitat of spreading of unique and endemic species of microorganisms in national reserved areas of Kyrgyzstan.

Expected results:

1. the estimate of functioning and ecological stability of the high mountainous ecosystem on the base of the intensity of passing of microbiological processes;

2. the determination of natural habitat of abundance of unique and endemic species of microorganisms and the creation of the map their exactly located;

3. the creation of the indigenous strains of microorganisms which have the potential of use in biotechnology and genetic engineering and the creation their genetic resources;

4. the recommendation for creation of microreserve to preserve ground, plants, water sources which inhabited the unique species of microorganisms.

The result will be having the commercial value: results of the project will be based for production of high-effective biopreparation – bioinsecticide, biostimulators, biocatalitic, antibiotic that will allow to receive the products with the competitive cost compared to imported analogue.


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