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Heavy Ion Driver for Fusion


An energy fusion system concept based on heavy-ionity driver.

Tech Area / Field

  • FUS-ICS/Inertial Confinement Systems/Fusion

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Senior Project Manager
Lapidus O V

Leading Institute
VNIIEF, Russia, N. Novgorod reg., Sarov

Supporting institutes

  • ITEF (ITEP), Russia, Moscow


  • CERN, Switzerland, Geneva\nGSI, Germany, Darmstadt\nUniversität Frankfurt am Main / Institut für Theoretische Physik, Germany, Frankfurt\nForschungszentrum Karlsruhe Technik und Umwelt, Germany, Karlsruhe\nUniversidad Politecnica de Madrid / Instituto de Fusion Nuclear, Spain, Madrid\nGFR, Germany, Munich\nENEA, Italy, Frascati

Project summary

Results of our preliminary consideration, data of USA specialists, of Germany, Italy, Japan and specialists of other countries indicate that heavy-ion thermonuclear fusion (HITF) may be outlooking way to solve the complex problem of termonuclear energetics. Principal advantage of this direction is the utilization of reliable accelerators having a persistent run and high efficiency as energetic drivers. On the experience of work in a field of inertial fusion and on the unique scientific and technical base of institutes VNIIEF and ITEF, it is proposing the project of work on substantiation of possible creation of the HITF installation, having the design of heavy-ion accelerator, which uses a principle of charge neutralization by accelerating various chaged ions and the original thermonuclear target design. The project may be become an object of international collaboration and include in:

- calculated and experimental studies of the version of thermonuclear target design with DT fuel 20% burn and with the next parameters of ion beam: ion energy - 10 Gev, beam energy 10 - 20 MJ, duration - 10 - 15 ns;

- scientific and technical examine of heavy-ion accelerator, having necessary parameters of ion beam;

- theoretical and experimental studies of processes interaction of ion beams and X-ray radiation with a plasma.

The project allows to redirect the efforts of specialists and scientists employed in the field of weapons production to solve fundamental problem of energetic reactor creation of future, that is to use their experience and scientific potential peaceful purposes. The project will also promote further integration of russian nuclear physics specialists in the international scientific society.

As a result of the project research new numerical and experimental data will be obtained for one of possible HITF projects. These results will permit to make a conclusion about parameters of the considering design and perspectives of creation the thermonuclear reactor on its base.

The questions of the termonuclear pellet operation are assumed to investigate theoretically with the mathematical simulation centres exploitation (VNIIEF ) and experimentally using the laser installation ISKRA (VNIIEF) and also the accelerator at GSI. The questions of heavy-ion driver working out are intended to explore theoretically (ITEF).


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