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Deep Disposal of Liquid Waste


Deep Well Injection of Liquid Radioactive Waste at the Enterprises of Atomic Industry in Russia

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  • ENV-WDS/Waste Disposal/Environment

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Senior Project Manager
Novozhilov V V

Leading Institute
VNIPI Promtechnology, Russia, Moscow

Supporting institutes

  • Mining and Chemical Complex, Russia, Krasnoyarsk reg., Zheleznogorsk\nInstitute of Physical Chemistry, Russia, Moscow


  • Radioactive Waste Management Center, Japan, Tokyo

Project summary

The aim of the project is to determine and specify new laws and migration models for radionuclides-waste components in geological formations on the basis of analysis and generation of liquid radwaste injection experience of many years at the enterprises of atomic industry of Russia. Results obtained will be of significant interest for solution similar problems associated with the assessment of after-effects of disposal of solid radwaste in deep mine openings of shaft type, planned in the USA, Great Britain, Germany etc, in fulfillment of work on environmental protection and rehabilitation in the regions of radioactive and chemical contamination of soils and underground waters where defense enterprises of Russia and US are located, in disposal of chemical industry waste, in development of oil fields.

The results are supposed to be presented in a form of a monograph.

Deep-well injection of liquid radwaste of the enterprises of atomic industry of Russia: the Mining and Chemical Combine (Zelesnogorsk, Krasnoyarsk region), Scientific and Research Institute of Atomic Reactors (Dimitrovgrad, Ulyanovsk region) has been carried out since 1963. At present this is unique experience on deep-well injection of radwaste into geological formations. Injection is accompanied by complex investigations and observations, treatment of which allowed to obtain valuable data - the basis of the present project.

The work includes:

- mathematical treatment of available data including prototype and observations carried out at operating disposal sites;
- implementation of additional work and on re-determination of available data;
- determination of new data on geological medium structure and disposal processes, substantiation of mathematical models and their test using actual observations;
- analysis of technical approach and methodology for solving the problem of deep-well injection and formulization of methodical recommendations to solve analogous problems;
- preparation or the monograph that deals with scientific and practical experience of deep-well injection of liquid radwaste.

Scientific and practical object: determination of main regularity for radionuclides behavior in geological medium, improvements in investigation procedure and prediction of geological medium state on the basis of previous and investigations and observations while operating deep-well injection systems preparation of materials for use in contiguous spheres of waste management, environmental protection.

Importance of realization: Monograph data can be utilized in grounding and study of solidified radwaste disposal in low-permeable geological formations, elimination of underground water contamination by radwaste, protection and rehabilitation of water-bearing horizons.

Potential role of foreign collaborators: Concrete definition of principal propositions and conclusions of the book most interesting from their point of view for the use in other countries and utilization in other technologies, evaluation of objectivity of the opinions of the authors of monograph, correctness of interpretation and sufficiency of the information being used.


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