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Identification of Supertoxines


The Expert System for Supertoxines Identification in Natural and Man-caused Objects

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  • ENV-MRA/Modelling and Risk Assessment/Environment

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Leading Institute
NPO Chimavtomatica, Russia, Moscow


  • Bruker Analytik GmbH, Germany, Karlsruhe

Project summary

The main aim of the environment protection and human being health is the reliable identification of supertoxines in atmosphere, natural and wastewater, soil and food. This problem may be solved by instrumental methods using such as: chromatography, mass-spectrometry, optical spectrometry and expert system working on their information base.

The main aim of this project is expert system creation for identification of supertoxines on the basis of chromatographic, mass-, IR-, UV- and other spectral information. The project aim is corresponded with one of the main aims of ISTC - support of peaceful fundamental and applied researches including environment protection branch of researches.

The elements characterizing the given system as an expert one are:

- expert choice of the descriptors system;
- expert priorities system creation at the contradictory information estimating;
- choice of the analytic experiment conditions;
- estimation of data illegibility degree and system fail.

The project realization result will be creation and introduction of the expert system into the practice of the Russia State control departments. This expert system will enable to accept decisions on the prevention or elimination of consequence of the supertoxines action on the population. Besides this, there will be received important results for the expert system theory development. There are created: a system of chemical-analytic and physical-chemical descriptors; knowledge base of hypothesis gauging; principles and algorithms for the fuzzy information processing; mathematical standards for the molecular impurities quantity detection; algorithms, realizing the given expert system ideology for the logic and digital problems. The system output data are formed in the form of hypothesis list in the terminology UPAC and in the form of structural formula. It is guaranteed, the wanted compound is presented in this list.

It is planed to realize the project during 3 years with the of the next works: the expert systems development for chromatographic, mass-spectral and optical molecular analysis; algorithms development realizing the given expert system ideology for the logic and digital problems; statistical estimation of efficiency of the created expert system.

The technical approach to the researches on the given project is: orientation on the standartizated in Russia technical instruments (except those instruments, for which the know-how of the leading Occident companies provides the high quality of the instruments and their fair price), at the same time, the given system may be adapted for any imported equipment by the customer's wish; creation of service software, oriented on personal computers and work stations and worked out not for the user-programmer; the knowledge base of the expert system creation on the basis of experimental, theoretical and literary information.

The project realization methodology is analogous to one, generally accepted in engineering of knowledge at any expert systems creation and means the laying down of rules and prohibitions, the descriptors definition, self-learning and so on.

The potential role of the foreign collaborators

Realization of joint researches directed on development to an adaptive part of system.


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