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Multispectral Laser for Diseases Treatment


Development of a Working Laser Multispectral Medical Model for Therapies of diseases Causing Destructive Changes in Tissues and Accompanied by Inflammation

Tech Area / Field

  • MED-DID/Diagnostics & Devices/Medicine
  • PHY-OPL/Optics and Lasers/Physics

3 Approved without Funding

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Leading Institute
State Res. Institute and Production Association "Atomatic System", Russia, Samara reg., Samara

Supporting institutes

  • Central TB Research Institute of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences, Russia, Moscow\nVNIIEF, Russia, N. Novgorod reg., Sarov

Project summary

The multispectral (UV and IR channels) laser installation is intended for therapies of the diseases accompanied by inflammation processes with pathogenic germs including purulent wounds (pinks for example), septic processes, illnesses with destructive processes, abscessed phlogistic processes, scorches.

The UV-laser proposed for developing is based on application of a surface sliding discharge for laser generation (is patented), which provides simultaneously a significant downsize and essential gain in efficiency and output power.

The IR-laser proposed for developing is based on application of a matrix of CW laser diodes in a regime of modulation within a wide frequency range including continuous mode. Modulation is The objectve of the present development of a universal laser multispectral medical installation is to create a device for complex pathogenetic effect on any (surface and deep) biological tissues causing thus a whole series of adaptive and compensating reactions in an organism which conduce to reactivation of homeostasis and abolition of pathogenic processes as well as suppression of florula in a defeat center.

After the mock-up developing it will be possible to realise the main advantages of the proposed installation and methods of treatment, namely:

- quick attainment of bactericidal and clinical effect;
- automated control and adjustment of operation modes according to needed methods of treatment;
- absence of auxiliary systems;
- simplicity of service;
- profitability;
- high efficiency ( up to 20 operations a day);
- opportunity to work under outpatient conditions;
- compactness and mobility.


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