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Interferometric Fiber-Optic Measuring System


Design and Construction of Advanced Interferometric Fiber-Optic Sensing System

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  • INS-MEA/Measuring Instruments/Instrumentation

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Evstyukhin K N

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State Center "Interphysica", Russia, Moscow


  • CNRS / Laboratoire d'Optique des Surfaces et des Couches Minces, France, Marseille\nSCK-CEN, Belgium, Mol

Project summary

The development of many branches of industry and technology requires advanced approaches to the measurement of different physical parameters: temperature, pressure, strain, etc. Interferometric fiber optic sensors (IFOSs) are very attractive measuring devices because they are accurate, immune to electrical interference, extremely small, lightweight, passive and safe. Initially IFOS' technology has been developed for military applications while the numerous civilian applications require new low-cost approaches for design of sensors. Among various civilian applications one of the main is the development of high reliable internal sensing system for smart materials. Besides this IFOSs have good potential for utilization in machinery, automotive industry, medicine.

Investigation of IFOSs started more than twenty years ago however the problem of the creating of accurate, high reliable, noise resistant instrument is still being urgent for their wide practical use. The goal of the proposed project is to develop the advanced, low-cost signal processing method for the IFOSs and to manufacture the prototype of sensing system with four measuring channels.

To realize this we propose the method of straightforward detection and processing of the spectral distribution of the output signal from. It affords high absolute accuracy, a wide dynamic range and immunity to intensity and spectral fluctuations of the light source and, in addition, no moving mechanical is required. The main idea of the proposed research work is to analyze the output spectral distribution of IFOS in the domain of its Fourier images and to construct the analytical signal with the phase equal to the phase difference of interfering beams. As a result the phase difference can be obtained directly as a function of the optical frequency. By means of spectral signal processing the dispersive effects in intrinsic IFOSs can be taken into account. It permits to overcome the severe drawback of parasitic sensitivity to temperature fluctuations and to combine sensors in a network.

We expect that the developed prototype will have many advantages. The processing unit can be used with different types of probes (extrinsic or intrinsic ones) providing the simultaneous measurements of required physical parameters. The anticipated accuracy of the measurements should be better than 0.1 % with the minimum frequency bandwidth 100 Hz. As a result the prototype should have good commercial potential and wide range of practical applications. Its using is the most perspective in civil engineering for longterm monitoring of physical state of buildings, bridges, tunnels, pipelines. The early detection of upnormal strain or deformation increases greatly their exploitation safety and reliability.

The authors of the Project invite the scientific, research and commercial institutions, independent experts from the US, countries of EC, Japan and Norway to join them in this Project. At the present moment Laboratoire d'Optique des Sufaces et des Couches Minces of the Ecole Nationale Superieure de Physique de Marseille, France, and Photomechanics Laboratory of Lehigh University, USA, have agreed to be the Collaborators in this Project.

The possible forms of collaboration include the participation in the research work and the development of prototype, discussion of the obtained results, joint manufacturing and marketing of the developed instrument.


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