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Prompt Neutron Spectra of Minor Actinides


Measurements of the Prompt Neutron Spectra of Minor Actinides. Fast Neutron Induced Fission of 241Am and 243Am, Thermal Neutron Induced Fission of 243Cm

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  • PHY-ANU/Atomic and Nuclear Physics/Physics
  • ENV-RWT/Radioactive Waste Treatment/Environment
  • FIR-ENG/Reactor Engineering and NPP/Fission Reactors
  • FIR-FUC/Fuel Cycle/Fission Reactors
  • FIR-NOT/Nuclear and Other Technical Data/Fission Reactors
  • FIR-REA/Reactor Concept/Fission Reactors

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Senior Project Manager
Svetlova A V

Leading Institute
Khlopin Radium Institute, Russia, St Petersburg


  • Forschungszentrum Karlsruhe Technik und Umwelt / Insritute for Nuclear and Energy Technology, Germany, Karlsruhe\nBelgonucléaire, Belgium, Brussels\nCEA / DCC / CEN Cadarache / DER/SPRC/LEPH - Bat. 230, France, Cadarache

Project summary

Precise measurements of the prompt neutron spectra in the 241Am and 243Am fast neutron induced fission (2.6, 4.5 and 14.6 MeV) and in the 243Cm thermal neutron induced fission in a wide fission neutron energy range (0.2 - 12 MeV) with an accuracy of 2-3% will be carried out (global uncertainty, including an uncertainty of reference 252Cf PNS, with confidence interval 1s). The data on PNS in the 241Am and 243Am fast neutron induced fission are absent in a literature. There is the only one measurement of the 243Cm PNS in the thermal neutron induced fission performed as early as in 1973.

The specialists of the V.G. Khlopin Radium Institute have been measuring fission neutron spectra for a very long time. Therefore, they gained wide experience in performing the measurements of this kind and made some experimental setups.

The Project will give the possibility to the weapon specialists to turn to the peaceful activity. The research performed under project will be used to improve the data base for solving the problem of transmutation of spent fuel of nuclear installations. Hence, this research will contribute to the peaceful purposes, in particular to environmental protection, energy production, nuclear safety. Collaboration with the scientists from Belgium, France, Germany, and Japan will give the excellent opportunity for integration into the international scientific community and for contribution to international evaluation projects such as BROND, JEFF, JENDL.

The layers of 241,243Am and 243Cm of high purity will be prepared. The fission detectors will be designed to make it possible to use large quantity of nuclide under study to get acceptable counting rates of neutrons. The setup for measurements on the thermal neutrons from nuclear reactor will be modified for measurements with 241,243Am. The PNS measurements in fast neutron induced fission of 241Am and 243Am at a few neutron energies and in thermal neutron induced fission of 243Cm will be carried out in a wide fission neutron energy range. The theoretical calculations of prompt neutron spectra of all the nuclides under measurement will be performed on the statistical model using Hauser-Feshbach approach. The evaluation of prompt neutron spectrum of nuclide chosen will be carried out.

The fission neutron spectra will be measured by the time-of-flight method relative to the international standard - the PNS in spontaneous fission of 252Cf. The important feature of measurements is that the measurements both the neutron spectrum studied and that of 252Cf will be carried out simultaneously using the same neutron and fragment channels.


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