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Cardiological Biocontrollers


Development of Mnemonic Cardiological the Biocontrollers

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  • MED-DID/Diagnostics & Devices/Medicine
  • INS-MEA/Measuring Instruments/Instrumentation

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Leading Institute
Kyrgyz National Technical University, Kyrgyzstan, Bishkek


  • Kingston University / Faculty of Technology, UK, London\nIndustrial Research Institute for Automation and Measurements, Poland, Warsaw

Project summary

The project refers the area of cardio monitoring and allows controlling conditions of human body and cardio-vascular system in any moment. The monitoring can be resulted in resolution to continue or stop professional activity or possibilities of its beginning.

Project is planned to be completed within 24 months.

Goals of the project are to develop variants for mnemonic cardio biocontrollers and to make a pre-production model. Goals of this project are to attract attention to cardio monitoring by introducing average consumer automated, mobile, portable, universal versions of a bio controller devices, which are fitted with algorithms and programming, are possible to be connected with larger computing and processing devices and databases, where human can interact and process data in various environments. Application of bio controllers is especially recommended for professionals in high stress and extreme environments.

The project content, its innovative direction depends on new developments and innovations in area of bio monitoring of a human cardio-vascular system. New developments and innovations are the main reason for research of work of hearts of both sick and healthy people. However, they did not produce universal effect corresponding to professional work environment of inpidual, mnemonic merits are not adapted to a device and a doctor or scientist is still essential to this equation. All of this elevates status of the project into original development and results will be progressive, innovative, universal, objective and effective. These factors are missed in existent devices.

All personnel involved in this project have extensive resumes and excellent education background, capable of resolving issues in development, process automation, technology, construction, programming and management. They have experience in patent submission and development. Production laboratory for development of all essential elements and parts, capable to produce whole device is ready. Programming algorithms, testing and streamlining design for the devices could be performed on site.

Final result of this project will be a prototype capable of taking measurement and making diagnosis, adapted to specific, unisex and mnemonic attributes of an inpidual in addition to being a technological advancement in our fast pace world. Application of bio monitoring of health system to real work environment will bring benefits to any industry by eliminating stressed and run down employees from production, minimizing subjective mistakes, which in some cases could present treat to their well being. In social settings self diagnosis and self analysis of bio monitoring creates real benefits comparing to monitoring health systems off site. Expected retail and sales interest for device with consideration of professional and personal areas of application is very high, which guaranties return on financial investment into this project, including production.

Project covers all goals and targets of ISTC. First, the project based on humanitarian idea. Next, brings a collective of professionals of different backgrounds and professions, even different countries together. This project will address and resolve technological, technical and construction issues on a new level of science. Adaptation of project results for mass production gives a new stimuli and boost to local industries and economy. At last, project will improve marketing position by offering this device to an average consumer.

Quality end result depends on constant collaboration with wide range of consultants. In desiccations in consultations new ideas and approaches will be developed to benefit his project results. Attendance of working seminars and scientific and technological conferences advantages to outcome of this project.

Methodical basis will have systematic approach, unifying into one complex all of the steps, goals and results. Main methods in research will be based on innovative pulse metering, integrated with kinematical, mnemonic and ergonomic functions.

Orientation of the project to attain universal results, needed to reach and conquer elements of complex development, such as adaptation, modulation, static and dynamic balancing, ability to evolve, which explains why this problem has been address for the first time.


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