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Electronic Device for Transdermal Therapy


Development and Analysis of Therapeutic Efficiency of Electronic Device for Transdermal Electroimpulse Reflexotherapy and Diagnostics

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Tbilisi State University / Research and Development Complex Electron Technology, Georgia, Tbilisi


  • CardioREST Ltd., Switzerland, Switzerland, Winterthur\nBiomed Research Foundation, USA, USA, MD, Olney\nSahota Cardiology Group, USA, CA, Bellflower

Project summary

Technological progress and deterioration of ecological situation have made the human organism resistible to many medicinal forms. Many medicinal preparations such as analgesics, tranquilizers, soporific and stimulating preparations cause getting used to them. As a result of this the man gets into a kind of narcotic dependence from them (medicinal dependence). If to take into account the fact that allergic dependent patients have to refuse many medicinal synthetic forms and also those complications that are caused by reception of contemporary synthetic preparations that obtained the name of "medicinal diseases" the interest towards medicineless forms of therapy to the search of solutions at the meeting-point of medicine and physics (physiotherapy), biology (bio- and phytotherapy) and to the return to the ancient methods of reflexotherapy becomes clear.

Depending on means of influence on neural ends there are various methods of reflexotherapy: superhighfrequency and supersonic reflexotherapy, well-known methods of electrotherapy, laser therapy based on direct physical influence on receptors sometimes accompanied by injuries of tissues that are close to the receptors (acupuncture, electric reflexotherapy etc.).

All methods well-known today bump into a number of problems. The specialists of the present types of reflexotherapy note that at the absence of information of the acupuncture influence mechanism it will be difficult to give a scientific base of parameters of various reactions of organism. That’s why these parameters are selected in the research process either by means of sampling on animals or during the clinical observations. It is characteristic for other influence methods on the peripheral reflex elements (acupuncture points) such as laser radiation, super sound, magnetic field etc. It is supposed that in contradistinction to conventional physiotherapy that uses physical influences with rather high output of energy in electropuncture reflexotherapy influences entail utilization of minor energy identical to electric processes taking place in the human organism and that’s why they have rather informative than electric meaning. However, it is difficult to agree with such conclusion as the value of current that is used during supply of acupuncture points reaches 500 mkA at minor square of points. Influence from such density of current can hardly be considered only of informative meanings. The other problem is sufficiently conventional definition of influence time. It is known that over-dosage of the influence time doesn’t exclude negative consequences. If in electric reflexotherapy it is possible to find acupuncture points via resistance of skin, having experience in this field, then in relation to reflexotherapy that utilizes super sound, magnetic field etc. it is generally difficult to imagine the method of finding these points and implementation of any diagnostics with respectively simple technical means.

The objective of the project is research of development and optimization possibility on the base of planned medical experiments of universal automation electronic model device for diagnostics and therapy of diseases by non-medicamentous method of transdermal reflexoimpulse therapy.

The distinctive features of this method are:

– the possibility to activate receptors of separate sites and layers of skin volume but not separate points and sites of the skin surface;

– utilization of additional electrodes that together with basic electrodes independent from skin condition generate controlled density of impulsive current capable to activate necessary receptors in the skin volume under basic electrodes independent from their conditions;

– utilization of electric impulses with the frequency and power corresponding to physical parameters of healthy skin that enables to get a maximum effect from a signal influence in comparison with signals of other frequencies. Thus the influence carried out on organs has not physical but informative character and doesn't damage the skin structure;

– definition of time influence in electric reaction of the skin on the effecting signal that enables to exclude a negative effect connected with over-dosage;

– utilization in the effecting signal of synchrostrobing impulse formed from the part of electric impulse of heart that is its part and enables to increase the efficiency of influence signal approximately twice;

– implementation of the quick and absolutely safe diagnostics in form of change of special, super small signal of low frequency on skin sites reflecting the state of corresponding organs.

The technical approach to the solution to task in the project is complicated because of the necessity of parallel research in several routes at the same time. Two basic routes are defined distinctly: creation of electronic model samples of the device and carrying out medical experiments.

The authors of the project intend to research especially the role of receptors located at various topographic levels of volume in the skin layer and to find optimal electric modes for their effective activation. The analysis of available information allows to confirm that such a task is pioneering and there are no ready solutions in this field.

The electric circuits of formers of output signals will be worked out on the basis of some technical solutions utilized in inventions of the authors of the project: "Output Stage of the Operational Amplifier" No.1480094, "Differential Amplifiers" SU1626327 AI, "Push-Pull Amplifiers" SU1483598 AI.

As a result of the project implementation scientists and specialists connected with defense activity in the former USSR will be given a possibility to orient their knowledge and experience in such important and peaceful field as development of high effective medical apparatus. The work within the project will enable its participants to integrate in international scientific community in such actual fields as healthcare and environmental protection.

Duration of the project is 24 months. During this period it will be possible to carry out the following work: generalization of existing material on reflexotherapy and electrical methods of influence, development and designing of preliminary version of the device model sample, carrying out of medical experiments, analysis of therapeutic efficiency. After working up the statistic information and final tests of the device a publication of materials is intended.

For fabrication of the device new technological solutions are not required. Utilization of contemporary microcircuits and technologies of microelectronic technique enables to provide creation of proposed electronic medical device. The possibility to refuse expensive reagents for diagnostics and reception of various kinds of medicine will bring to essential economy and quick self-compensation of the device.

The exploitation of the device doesn’t require great consumption of electric power and special specific service connected with utilization of any harmful substances which is the confirmation of its ecological safety.

The basis for development of the project was the results of preliminary device model samples and medical researches on patients-volunteers. Here it must be noted that on the stage of preliminary researches a high therapeutic effect was observed including so called complex pathologies.

The project is intended for the development of research complex in the field of designing and optimization of electronic apparatus and study of therapy results by means of it. After completion of the project as a result of subsequent research complex and development an article will be designed in dimensions compared with micro-calculators that will be convenient to apply in extreme conditions for express-diagnostics and therapy. The range of diseases will be determined (approximately) that will give in to diagnostics and treatment with the present method. With the greatest therapeutic effect, wide fabrication of the proposed apparatus and spreading of its application in the wide aspect of diseases at the level of out-patient and polyclinic treatment up to utilization of this method by patients.


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