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Seeds Germination under the Influence of Electromagnetic Field


The Study of the Activation Effect of 15 Hz Frequency LF EMF On Barley and Wheat Seeds Germination Potential

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  • AGR-FOD/Food & Nutrition/Agriculture

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Life Sciences International Postgraduate Educational Center, Armenia, Yerevan


  • University of Sunderland, UK, Sunderland

Project summary

On the basis of previous fundamental study of UNESCO Chair- Life Sciences International Postgraduate Educational Center on EMF-induced effect on physicochemical properties of water and the biological significance of such changes, the method of increasing the plant seeds germination potential by means of seeds and irrigated water, treated by Low Frequency Electromagnetic Field (LF EMF), was developed. This method is suggested for the increase of crops germination potential. A group of scientists from Hungary, UK and USA have discovered that the treatment of seeds of different plants by EMF leads to the activation of their vegetation. Using this method they have succeeded in the activation of plant growth (Vincze et al., 2003 a, b, c). They have suggested that due to the increase of initial oxygen concentration seeds treatment by EMF would lead to the activation of seeds respiration and increase seed coats water permeability.

At the same time the recent data obtained in our laboratory have also shown an increase of seeds germination potential when seeds bathing aqua solution was treated by LF EMF (Amyan & Ayrapetyan, 2001, 2002, 2003 a, b). These data serve as an additional evidence of our early hypothesis according to which cell bathing solution serves as the main target through which the biological effect of LF EMF is realized. It was discovered that there are frequency and intensity “windows” for LF EMF, which have a pronounced effect on seeds germination, root formation and growth (Amyan & Ayrapetyan, 2003 a, b). Studying the dynamics of seeds hydration and dry weight during 2 hours of their incubation in water treated by EMF, it was documented that the mentioned “windows” varied for different periods of vegetation, and the modulation effect of LF EMF on seeds germination was correlated with the ratio of free and bound water in seeds (Amyan & Ayrapetyan, 2003 a, b). This ratio is very important factor which determines the germination potential of seeds. Therefore, it is suggested that LF EMF-induced increase of the portion of free water in seeds can be preserved for seeds normal germination.

All above mentioned experimental data on LF EMF-induced elevation of germination potential of seeds allow us to predict that preliminary LF EMF treatment of seeds and irrigated water by special frequency “windows” of EMF is a promising method for the stimulation of seeds germination, root formation and for the increase of crop capacity of fields.


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