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Secondary Titanium Processes


Research and Development of Resource-Saving Technology for Manufacturing of Titanium Semifinished Items from Chips

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  • MAT-ALL/High Performance Metals and Alloys/Materials

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Senior Project Manager
Malakhov Yu I

Leading Institute
Central Research Institute for Materials, Russia, St Petersburg

Supporting institutes

  • Association of Centers for Engineering and Automation, Russia, St Petersburg\nKhlopin Radium Institute, Russia, St Petersburg


  • Russtec, Inc., USA, NJ, Camden\nOak Ridge National Laboratory, USA, TN, Oak Ridge

Project summary

Titanium and its alloys have very high characteristics such as specific strength and resistance to corrosion. Therefore they are widely used in aircraft, cosmic and rocket equipment, ship and nuclear industry. Titan use has prospects for a manufacture of medical instruments, filters for refining of edible liquids and medicines, dishes and stocks, equipment for the food industry, light sport cars and others. Wide use of titan for civil industry holds in its high cost.

During the manufacturing process of titanium semifinished items and products a lot of titanium chips is formed. The chips are not remelted because impurities, which are present in ones, have bad effect on characteristics of products from titanium alloys. In CIS a small volume of chips is used into production of ferrotitanium and other kinds of products containing titanium. Nevertheless such a little production volume does not solve a problem of effective titanium chips use. The great volume of chips is accumulated in dumps or sold ineffective by low prices.

Scientists and engineers of CNIIM and ACEA have developed a new production method of semifinished items from titanium chips. Russian Federation Patent # 2048268 of June 09, 1992 for this method was obtained. Deformable semifinished items have high strength and satisfactory plasticity. This opens a new principle possibility of use of the chips for manufacture creating of cheap titanium semifinished items, which will be used in civil industry first of all.

The basic aim of this project is a development of resource saving technology titanium semifinished items production from chips for creating of secondary titanium manufacturing. There are no such technology in NIS and abroad.

The titanium chips’ processing is planed to realize on two directions. The first direction includes crushing and special cleaning of chips, cold pressing of briquettes and their following hot extrusion and rolling. It is assumed to become rods, pipes, shaped forms and strips. The second direction differs from the first one the pressing from clearing chips briquettes will remelt in vacuum furnaces for manufacturing of shaped castings and dusted powders (for filters).

The estimate of the titanium chips use as source charge instead of sponge titanium shows that it allows to economize more than 20 MegaW-hours of electric power per 1 ton of products and to decrease ecological damage accompanying a production of sponge titanium from titanium tetrachloride. It is expects that the cost of titanium semifinished items from chip fall by 25-30 % in comparison with the cost of such products from sponge.

Supposed participation of foreign collaborators

After preliminary acquaintance with the materials of proposed project Oak Ridge National Laboratory, USA; Rustec, Inc., USA; National Technical University Athens, Greece express a wish to take part in work at this project. The foreign collaborators will take part in information exchange and common results discussion, certificate independent samples, make the expertise of technical decision, survey possibility and expedience of design patent aboard and carry out American and European market study. The foreign collaborators will not take part in the project financing and will not bear the responsibility for the fulfillment of any project stages.


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