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Optical Parametric Oscillator of Mid-IR Range


Development of the Sources of Coherent Radiation of Nanosecond and Picosecond Pulse Duration Tunable in the Broad Region of Medium Infrared

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  • PHY-OPL/Optics and Lasers/Physics

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Senior Project Manager
Mitina L M

Leading Institute
NPO Astrophysica, Russia, Moscow

Supporting institutes

  • Institute of Spectroscopy, Russia, Moscow reg., Troitsk


  • Direction Générale de l'Armement, France, Gramat\nCILAS, France, Marcoussis\nQuantel, France, Les Ulis\nMax-Born-Institut für Nichtlineare Optik und Kurzzeitspectroskopie, Germany, Berlin

Project summary

The purpose of the present project is a design and implementation of OPO on the basis of new nonlinear crystals pumped by Nd:YAG lasers operating both in pico- and nanosecond time domains. The wavelength of an output radiation of the OPOs to be created will be continuously tuned over 3ё12 mm spectral range, that is much more broad as compared with commercially produced analogs. It is also expected that power characteristics of these OPOs will verge towards upper of known values (an average power up to 1 W for nanosecond OPO; photon conversion efficiency up to 10% for picosecond OPO).

The area of practical tasks where the devices being developed could find their applications is quite a wide. An atmosphere remote sensing, environment monitoring, analysis of impurities in production of highly purified materials for pharmaceutical, microbiology, and electronic industries should be mentioned among them. Besides, these devices are immensely useful in many fields of fundamental research, e.g. in biology and medicine – to study the action of laser IR light on biological objects, as well as in the investigations of a kinetics of fast elementary processes in chemistry and physics.

An application for the above studies of similar sources of tunable radiation in mid IR based on CdSe, AgGaSe2, ZnGeP2, nonlinear crystals could hardly be considered as bearable solution. Since, though these crystals have better optical quality and high susceptibility, however, they demand for their excitation using of Ho: or Er: lasers. Nowadays the latter types of lasers with pico- and nanosecond pulse duration are very inconvenient in handling. Apart from, a high cost for these lasers makes OPO devises much less attractive from commercial point of view.

Until recently, one of the main flaws of widely tunable OPOs pumped by Nd:YAG laser was an absence of crystals with due properties (susceptibility, tuning range, damage threshold, etc.). In the proposed project it is supposed to use the new nonlinear crystals such as GaSe:Cd, GaSe:In, HgGa2S4, Hg1-xCdxGa2S4, AgGaS2 which have high susceptibility and perfect optical quality. These crystals are under development within the framework of the ISTC project #1897 by authors of proposed work and specialists from Kuban State University, which participate in the given project as the private persons, that makes it to be a logical evolution of the ISTC project #1897.

During last time the engineers and scientific rescearches from SSC SUE “SPA Astrophysica” and Institute of Spectroscopy RAS have suggested a set of original approaches to the design of OPOs and found new technological solutions those are supposed to be tested during execution of the given project. As to an improving of nanosecond OPO parameters (the magnification of power and expansion of tuning range), it is supposed to develop and investigate new coatings for crystals and dichroic mirrors forming a resonator, to evaluate some new schemes of resonators, and also to apply developed new techniques consisting in manufacturing of composite nonlinear elements for a enhancing of damage threshold and compensation of walkoff effect. For a heightening of the average power of generation developed OPO it is supposed to investigate a number of optical circuits with an injection of seed radiation of a desirable (or complementary) wavelength.

The following approach will be used to realize the project:

– Research of the most perspective optical circuits of OPO including circuits with injection of light with desirable wavelength;

– Optimization and selection of the most perspective nonlinear crystals for OPO;
– Development of optical and mechanical elements as well as controlling units for various OPOs;
– Development of broadband antireflecting and protective coatings for optical elements;
– Research and optimization of OPO parameters.

As a result of project the samples of OPO in complete form will be designed, constructed as separate units to be pumped with commercially available Nd:YAG lasers.


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