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Semiconductors in Superstrong Magnetic Fields


Investigation of Semiconductors in Ultrahigh Magnetic Fields.

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Suh G W

Leading Institute
VNIIEF, Russia, N. Novgorod reg., Sarov


  • CNRS / Laboratoire des Forts Champs Magnétiques, France, Grenoble\nLos-Alamos National Laboratory, USA, NM, Los-Alamos

Project summary

VNIIEF has accumulated considerable experience in investigation of solids in ultrahigh magnetic fields (UMF). The developed techniques permitted to measure in magnetic fields up to 800 T Faraday effect and magnetoabsorption in diamagnets, paramagnetic glasses as well as in number of materials with magnetic structure. The most interesting materials among the latter ones are those with interaction energy of magnetic moments and field being comparable to the energy of exchange interactions, and Zeeman splitting reaches IR-frequencies. In this case were observed both fundamentally new physical phenomena and the perculiarities of already known effects. The achievements of VNIIEF scientists in this field have gained world recognition and it would be appropriate to use them for the study of semiconductors and new material properties.

Three objectives are pursues in the Project:

a) measurement of Faraday effect and magneto-absorption in magnetic semiconductors;
b) measurement of cyclotron resonance in semiconductors;
c) measurement of exiton states spectrum.

Expected scientific results: acquisition of reliable reference data on magnetic properties of half-magnetic semiconductors, frequencies of cyclotron resonance and spectra of exiton states.

In the project the VNIIEF specialists will be involved known for their publications on magnetic cumulation, solid-state physics and magnetooptics. LANL employees have given their fundamental agreement on cooperation in this work, and this will be of assistance in scientists integration in international community of scientists.


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