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Quality Management Systems Based upon ISO-9000 Standards in Enterprises of the Republic of Armenia Earlier Manufactured Military Products, with the Aim to Create Favorable Conditions for their Re-Profiling and Export Promotion of Civil Products

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  • MAN-MPS/Manufacturing, Planning, Processing and Control/Manufacturing Technology

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Leading Institute
Hai Consult, Armenia, Yerevan

Supporting institutes

  • Institute of Radiophysics and Electronics / Special Design Center, Armenia, Ashtarak\nInstitute of Electronic Materials, Armenia, Yerevan\nArmenmotor JSC, Armenia, Yerevan\nSRI Electromash, Armenia, Yerevan\nNairit-1, CJSC, Armenia, Yerevan\nYerevan Telecommunication Research Institute, Armenia, Yerevan


  • Global Certification Limited, UK, Leicester\nFINECO, France, DARDILLY

Project summary

The main objective of the project is the Quality Management System implementation by ISO-9000 standards in the selected six enterprises of Armenia earlier dealing with development and production of military equipment for the re-profiling of the enterprises to the development and production of civil products. The given object will be achieved through conducting broad preparatory works among the staff of these enterprises, development and implementation of the main procedures comprising Quality Management System and certification of implemented Quality Systems by the British well-known company, Global Certification Limited. The given project is considered completed for each selected enterprise while issuing the conformance certificate by Global Certification.
Specialists of Hai Consult will fulfill all preparatory works at the selected enterprises, development and implementation of quality management system as well as training of internal auditors.
Assessments and explorations fulfilled by us revealed the necessity of the following works to be done:
1. Diagnostic analysis of production management methods earlier accepted by the enterprise and selection of Quality System model corresponding to ISO-9000 standards
2. Definition of methodology deviation of methods operating at the enterprise from ISO-9000 Quality system on the basis of analysis made and plan development of transition to a new Quality Management System
3. Development of application package (AP) which lets fulfil operative statistical control aimed to correct technological process and product quality improving
4. Development of probabilistic methods of education process of the staff of selected enterprises in accordance with the equation of Foccer-Plank’s difference schemes
5. A series of general educational seminars among the staff of the six enterprises with the aim to show them the principles of Quality Management by ISO-9000 and to create favorable conditions for further re-profiling of the enterprises
6. Development and implementation of Total Quality Management System and management effectiveness increase
7. Hai Consult applying sufficient professional experience in the field of Quality Management System implementation and certification at industrial enterprises, jointly with the British company will provide successful realization of the project in general.

Implementation of Quality Management System under ISO-9000 standards and its certification provide effective functioning of a given enterprise and as powerful means for gaining customers' confidence to its products keep the competitive ability in the international market.
At present, under conditions of the Republic of Armenia most of the industrial enterprises are in hard economical situation connected with the loss of traditional markets, chronical lack of turnover means, lack of competitive products as well as qualified specialists drain. A good way of survival and development of the enterprise under conditions of market economy may be the long-term provision of high quality products. This goal may be achieved with the implementation of Quality Management System with the further certification. The system implemented even without its certification allows creating optimal, easily managed production with minimal expenses, able to issue stably competitive and qualitative products. This explains steadily increasing interest of enterprises in Quality Management Systems according to ISO-9000 standards.

Product quality is a generalized indicator depending on the level of scientific researches, designing, level of production technology and control. Requirements to product quality are constantly changed and improved taking into account the total scientific and technical level of the development of a given branch.
The implementation of product quality management system has an important role in the problem solution of quality improving. Any company where all the requirements mentioned in ISO-9000 standards are met, is considered to have Quality Management System.
ISO-9000 is a worldwide-accepted Quality Management System standard. This is a system of procedures providing quality effective management. Quality system realization also promotes the effectiveness and productivity increase of the company work.
ISO-9000 standard consists of twenty sections and each of them includes requirements foreseen for a certain scope of activity of an enterprise. All of them are equally important and the lack of any of them in the management system structure during the certification is considered as sufficient cause for the refusal of certificate issue. The sixth section has significant importance: it contains the requirements to purchasing of raw materials, stuff, semi-finished products, componentry, i.e. the all necessary for the use in the production process of finished products. Only supplier having Quality Management System certificate can meet these requirements.

The realization of the presented project will be executed by the following steps:
· Development of Quality plan at enterprises according to ISO-9000 standards,
· Acquaintance of the staff of enterprises with the ISO-9000 requirements through the organization of seminars as well as inpidual talks, meetings and interviews,
· Training of internal auditors,
· Development and implementation of Quality Management System,
· Execution of internal audit and analysis,
· Submission of the full package of documentation to the certification body,
· Pre-assessment of enterprises and definition of their readiness for certification,
· Certification of the six enterprises.

Realization of the Project will make it possible to solve a set of problems, which correspond to the purposes of ISTC:
· Re-profiling of highly qualified group of scholars, engineers and technical workers of the six enterprises earlier working in the field of armament for the solution of peace problems,
· Keeping of qualified staff and application of their skills in the development and production of civil products,
· Further integration of scholars working in the sphere of armament into the Scholars’ International Community,
· Export provision of products issued by these enterprises in the international market,
· Management effectiveness increasing.

Foreign collaborators
Foreign collaborators will be actively participating in the process of achievement of the object. Potential role of foreign collaborators is the discussion of problems and information exchange received during the project implementation, conducting of joint researches, checkup of results using independent methods, participation in conferences and scientific seminars organized by the executor. They will also assist with the commercialization of the results achieved, successful conduction of preparatory seminars, auditors’ training and quality management system certification.

The first collaborator of the project is the company, Global Certification Limited, which has wide practical experience in that field.

The British Company Global Certification Limited established in 1993 is a certification body specializing in Assessment, Inspection and Certification of Quality Management Systems and Environmental Management Systems. Services are across a large range of businesses, including industrial, commercial and privately owned organizations on an international basis.
The company was accredited in 1995 by the British Department of Trade and Industry through the office of UKAS (United Kingdom Accreditation Service). Global Certification Limited operates its Certification System under Rules of Registration which have been written to satisfy EN45012. These Rules of Registration are monitored by the UK Governing Board.
The scopes of accreditation of Global Certification Limited are as follows:

Chemicals, chemical products and fibres
Non-metallic mineral products
Machinery and equipment
Electrical and optical equipment
Transport, storage and communication, information technologies

‘The six enterprises selected are within the above-stated scopes of activities.
The following is also available:

Food Industry
Leather and leather products
Wood and wood products
Real estate; renting
Other services (Provision of Quality Management Consultancy Services, Provision of Technical Services, etc.)

The Company has strategic partners and clients located in the USA, China, Great Britain, Turkey, Armenia, Jordan, Korea, Austria, Czech Republic, Dubai, Iran, Singapore, Spain, Italy, Thailand, Saudi Arabia, Abu Dhabi, etc. The Company certified more than 800 companies all over the world.
Global Certification Limited has successfully completed the certification of three Armenian enterprises (Hologram LTD – production of electronic components; Gegama OJSC – Cable production; Shant+ LTD – ice-cream production). Three other companies will be certified till the end of the current year. In all mentioned companies quality management system has been implemented by the specialists of Hai Consult. For more information about Global Certification Limited, please, visit the following web site:

Leading Institution, Hai Consult Consulting Company, was established in 1997 with the assistance of the European Tacis program. It was a support center for the Armenian enterprises in process of market economy transition, their restructuring, re-profiling and elaboration of development projects.
· Hai Consult is a unique local consulting company also specialized in Quality Management System Implementation in accordance with ISO-9000 standards.
· Hai Consult has different contacts in the international market (Greece, Italy, England, USA, France, Poland, Slovakia, Sweden, Russia, Kazakhstan, Moldova, Georgia, etc.) and has wide experience in the field of export promotion and investments intake.
Hai Consult also executes development of different business projects and further assistance in finance intake as well as big package of training programs.
The Project manager and executors are leading specialists in the Project fields and have about 20-30 publications in open press, several certificates of authorship, patents and monographs concerning different industry sectors. The project work planned is based upon long-term experience and joint work of the Hai Consult staff in the field of development and implementation of Quality Management Systems with American, English and Italian experts.


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