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Residual Resource Evaluation for Power Equipment


Development of Methods, Equipment and Software for Evaluation of Residual Resource of Elements of Nuclear Power Stations and Oil, Gas Pipelines Transport

Tech Area / Field

  • FIR-NSS/Nuclear Safety and Safeguarding/Fission Reactors
  • MAN-MCH/Machinery and Tools/Manufacturing Technology

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Senior Project Manager
Latynin K V

Leading Institute
MGTU (Moscow State Technical University), Russia, Moscow

Supporting institutes

  • Kurchatov Research Center, Russia, Moscow


  • NDT Systems & Services AG, Germany, Stutensee\nFraunhofer Institute Zerstörungsfreie Prüfverfahren, Germany, Saarbrücken\nNorsk Hydro ASA, Norway, Oslo\nFramatome ANP GmbH, Germany, Erlangen\nIgnalina NPP, Lithuania, Ignalina, Visaginas\nORKLA Inspection Servises (Vigor group), Norway, Orkanger\nVTT Technical Research Centre of Finland / VTT Industrial Systems, Finland, Espoo

Project summary

Supplying of save exploration of ecologically dangerous industrial objects, such as nuclear power stations (NPS) and gas and oil pipelines is one of the most essential problem at present time. Solving of this problem meets great obstacle as if the great amount of such industrial object has already overcome limit of planed working resource and it’s necessary to make a decision about their further exploration.

For overcoming this obstacle it’s necessary to develop methods and software for evaluating of residual resource of such objects. Tools for nondestructive testing (NDT) and diagnostics for measuring location and size of defects in that objects must be also developed and produced.

Technical goal of proposed project:

– developing of methods and software for evaluating possibility of appearing of critical conditions in welded joints, which can produce brittle or tensile fracture, based on joint’s geometry, metal structure, degradation of structure and properties of joint during the period of exploration, defect’s presence loading condition. Developing of methods and software for evaluation of residual resource of welded elements and constructions of NPS and pipelines;

– developing and applying complex of equipment for NDT and diagnostic, which provides full information about presence of defect, its location, orientation, size and level of potential danger. Stress condition of joint mental will be also evaluated.

Final results of the proposed project:

1. Evaluation methodic for calculation of residual resource of welded joints in form of software of computer complex “Resource” and technical documentation for it.

2. Recommendations for chousing technological parameters of welding during production and repairing of welded construction of NPS and elements of pipelines, which guarantee high proper weldability of elements from steel and constructions alloys.
3. Standard demands for parameters of NDT and information about material properties, which are necessary for calculation of residual resource of welded constructions.
4. Complex of equipment for NDT and diagnostic including system for acoustic emission, system for ultrasonic tomography and system for spectral-acoustic measurements of stress condition.

Participant of the project MBSTU has highly qualified specialists in fields of testing equipment and testing procedure of space launching equipment (code ICTS for weapons technology 1.3), and also in field of evaluating and calculating of joints strength and resource in objects of military application. This specialists have no full-time job now.

Participant of the project RSC “Kurchatovcki institute” has highly qualified specialists in field of acoustic emission testing of elements of NPS. Center has modern testing equipment.

Participant of the project IE Blagonravov produces experimental and theoretical research works in field of evaluation of strength, dependability and resource of wide range of various technical objects.

Collaborator of the project Framatom organizes 2 seminars, produces testing of software of device’s models, analysis and estimation of technical conditions (TC) and documentation for accordance of international and national standards.

The proposed project meets the following demands:

– gives possibility for scientists and specialists, occupied in fields of military research, to change field of occupation for civil objects;

– supports applied research in field of evaluation of residual resource of ecologically dangerous industrial objects, which is highly essential as for Russia as for other countries;
– helps Russian specialists in field of military weapons to find place of application of their experience in Russian market economy;
– allows to integrate highly qualified Russian military specialists in international scientific society with help of cooperation in field of evaluation of residual resource;
– decreases probability of technical accidents on different Russian industrial objects, including NPS, which lead to ecological catastrophe due applying methods, equipment and software for evaluation of residual resource of various constructions.

Approximate pision of work among Russian participants:

– Investigation, development and production models of equipment, development of software – 80% MBSTU.

– Participating in research, development and production models of equipment, development of software, conducting tests – 20% RSC “Kurchatovcki institute”, IE Blagonravov.

Foreign collaborator Framatom takes part in research, in design of electronic parts of devices making main attention on physical aspects of NDT.

The following forms of the participants cooperation is planed:

– conducting common and parallel research;

– verification of the results with use of independent methods;
– common discussing of technical results;
– consultation on questions of intellectual properties rights in case of common inventions;

Modern methods of modeling and computer processing of results will be applied during research.


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