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Amorphous Calcium Oligophosphates Medicines


New Amorphous Biomaterials on the Base of Calcium Olygophosphates

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  • CHE-SYN/Basic and Synthetic Chemistry/Chemistry
  • MED-OTH/Other/Medicine

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Senior Project Manager
Mitina L M

Leading Institute
Institute of Chemical Sciences, Kazakstan, Almaty

Supporting institutes

  • Kazakh Scientific Center for Quarantine and Zoonotic Diseases, Kazakstan, Almaty

Project summary

The Project aims are:
Ё To synthesize a group of new amorphous calcium olygophosphate materials, which are intended for use in medicine as restorative and repair facilities;
Ё To undertake medical and microbiological tests of the obtained materials
Ё To create a simple production technology of such materials.

Recently the diseases of human bones and teeth became a very serious world’s medical problem. Practically all the population of Kazakhstan suffers from stomatologic diseases, particularly in the regions with bad ecology. For treatment of bone diseases medicine needs new substitutes of natural bone tissues and new facilities for treatment and restoration of ill bones. Materials on base of calcium phosphates, which are close in chemical composition to natural bone tissues, are the most interesting in this plan. Hydroxyapatite, tricalcium phosphate, and calcium diphosphate are used usually as components of plan. Hydroxyapatite, tricalcium phosphate, and calcium diphosphate are used usually as components of biomaterials. There are a lot of polymeric phosphates amongst calcium phosphates but they are not used practically as restorative and repair facilities. Project participants believe that some of polyphosphate could compete with hydroxyapatite and with other phosphates.
Project participants have a strong expertise in the area of synthesis and studies of phosphate materials. They have received and have studied a large series of calcium phosphate glasses. They patented new materials with the properties approximated to characteristics of natural bone tissues. They accumulate a serious experience of theoretical and practical work, concerning preventive maintenance and treatment of bone diseases using phosphates and other inorganic materials.
Creation of a group of new biocompatible amorphous calcium phosphate restorative substances and of medical facilities, development of new simple production technology of such materials and organization of mini-production will help to cure bone diseases and correction of bone defects for the people of Kazakhstan. The authors hope that the materials will be interesting for foreign partners as well.
Participants of project hope to receive a series of new data concerning the nature of amorphous calcium phosphates. The relation of amorphous phosphates with tissues of living organism and with some kinds of microbes will be investigated as well. The authors believe that materials will be used for treatment of various diseases of bones and teeth, and a mini-production of amorphous olygophosphates will be organized.
The project serves the main purposes of ISTC because its goals are:
Ё Participation of weapon scientific personnel from National Biotechnology Center of Kazakhstan in civilian research activity – creation and investigation of new materials for medicine;
Ё Cooperative of earlier independent groups of researchers between itself and with foreign scientists;
Ё Exchange by experience and knowledge between former developers of weapon, chemists, physicians, and scientists from abroad;
Ё Material support of actual scientific research, which is directed on the decision of important Kazakh and international problem;
Ё Assistance in transition to market economy because the production mini-technology will be created, and manufacture and sale of biomaterials will be started
The following scientific and technical methods and approachers will be used in the work:
Ё The syntheses of new amorphous calcium phosphate materials will be realized via ion exchange of soluble salts;
Ё Microstructure and characteristics of obtained materials will be explored by methods of 31P nuclear magnetic resonance, electron scanning microscopy, thermal analyses etc.;
Ё Medical and microbiological tests will be performed with using laboratory animals, main types of pathogen microbes and standard techniques.


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