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Development of the Procedure and X-ray Equipment for Repeated Nondestructive Inspection of Criptohardened Against Unauthorized Opening

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  • INS-MEA/Measuring Instruments/Instrumentation

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All-Russian Research Institute of Automatics, Russia, Moscow


  • European Commission / Joint Research Center / Institute for Systems, Informatics and Safety, Italy, Ispra

Project summary

The proposed project is associated with the problem of accounting, control physical protection of nuclear and other materials.

One of the problems of developing the protection, accounting and control system of nuclear materials (particularly for direct using) is the problem of i the access to the indicated materials (preventing the unauthorized opening of storages and transport containers).

One of the methods of ensuring the guarded objects safety is their sealing; in this case the seal is a means of confirming safety and integrity of guarded object.

The analysis of the existing systems for sealing of guarded objects revealed that the system used at present time in Russia has the grave drawbacks, as sealing is made with the help of seals which have no distinctive features. Depriving of such distinctive features does not permit to perform their proper accounting, control and does not rule out the possibility of their forging.

In a number of countries on the initiative of IAEA Safety Seals are introduced which are used for physical protection of the especially important objects ( arms depots, nuclear materials storages, etc.) guarded against unauthorized opening; they cannot practically be copied or forged because of their hidden hardly reproducible distinctive features. However, the proposed sealing methods do not meet the main requirements: seals preservation when inspected without removing them from the guarded object and seals identification performed at the sealing site by means of the inspection equipment.

It is expedient to solve these problems by developing the portable and safe X -ray TV equipment and technique of nondestructive inspection of safety seals with the help of registration of X-Ray image of the same seal: at the moment of its setting and during inspection, with the following identification of the obtained X-Ray images, Identification can be performed both visually by the personnel and with the help of the computer analysis by the comparison of two images resulting in the full elimination of the possibility of the seal image stealing.

It is proposed to develop a construction of the modified safety seals by introducing into the seal material several X-Ray-contrast elements with random nonrepeating pattern in each of the seals.

In the process of the project implementation a complex of analytical, design and experimental works is assumed to carry out:

- developing the technique of the safe X-Ray TV inspection of Safety Seals;

- developing the construction of the modified Safety Seals for the X - Ray TV inspection;

- developing the portable X-Ray unit with necessary specifications;

- developing the logging device based on CCD camera;

- developing the required software for processing and identification of the obtained X-Ray images.

On the basis of the above - listed works and using scientific and technical, experimental and design-technological experience of VNIIA it is supposed to develop models of the major equipment assemblies, to develop design documentation and to make the experimental prototype, to carry out its laboratory tests and trial operation.

The proposed project implementation will permit to introduce the sealing system making it possible to carry out repeated nondestructive inspection of Safety Seals at the sealing site both in Russia and in other countries which can become interested in the given project.

It is proposed to use modern achievements obtained in the field of developing X-Ray unit ( XRU ) and X-Ray TV device (XRTVD ).

The project is of great importance in submitting the civilian alternative for scientists and engineers engaged in developing the instruments for rocket-nuclear technology.

The project provides wide possibilities for collaboration of various countries specialists in the field of nondestructive inspection and also in the field of developing the protection, accounting and control systems of nuclear materials.

At present a number of research and development works concerning the development of compact XRU and XRTVD has been carried out in VNIIA; this will allow to proceed to the proposed project implementation.


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