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Creation of Learning–Industrial Base for Application of Modern Irrigation Technologies in Conditions of Farms of Issyk-Kul Region

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Alexandrov K A

Leading Institute
National Academy of Sciences of Kyrgyzstan / Institute of Automatics, Kyrgyzstan, Bishkek


  • Winrock International, USA, AK, Morrilton\nLawrence Livermore National Laboratory / University of California, USA, CA, Livermore

Project summary

Purpose of the project is to support farms of Issyk-Kul region to realize their transition to market economy.

Kyrgyzstan is a mountainous agricultural region with stock-husbandry (transhumance), which serves as a basis for the industry. Due to different reasons, transition from collective way of farming to private farms reduced region’s profitability. This promotes migration of able-bodied rural population to urban area where concurrent increment of population is 2% with decreasing life level, which brings to social intensity in the region. Increase of agricultural profitability, and, first of all of stockbreeding, is a way out from the existing situation.

One of the most efficient solutions for this problem is creation of irrigated cultivated pastures (ICP) near collective farms and private farms as an alternative for stock-husbandry. However, the existing irrigation systems are not adjusted to natural and climatic conditions of these farms (poor soil, large slopes, and dry hot climate), as well as to their economic conditions (small outline plots, hectare unit each).

The Project’s objective is to develop this kind of adjusted technologies, and, based upon the latter, to develop irrigated cultivated pastures, with further education of farms’ representatives in Study-Industrial (Field) Center, organized within the Project’s framework.

The development is based upon the results of work conducted on slopes’ irrigation technology of small drops of low-intensive rain. The work was done in 1980-ties under sever conditions of stony sub-mountain semi-desert of Nothern-West of Issyk-Kul region. As per the main indicators, the developed technology was 1,3-1,4 fold efficient in comparison with the technologies, recommended for this zone. Moreover, it fully corresponds to the ecological standards (absence of surface run-off and puddling; effective regulation of moisture and microclimate of irrigated plot).

Moisture saving of irrigation water per harvest unit was provided due to the optimization of dates and norms of watering, which was regulated with the usage of agro-meteo information from irrigated plots.

The following tasks should be done for the Project implementation:

1. To develop technology of irrigation adjusted to the technology of cultivated pasture; to develop a designing method for irrigated cultured pasture based upon above-mentioned technologies

2. To complete construction of water-sprinkler for the realization of irrigated cultivated pasture

3. To conduct testing inspection of the technology in Study-Industrial (Field) Center (SIC) established in one of the farms of North-West of Yssyk-Kul Region

4. To train not less than 300 of representatives of regional farms with the perspective of further usage of the Project’s results

In order to have optimized irrigation mode, it is supposed to develop a consulting system of watering management (CSWM).

ICP and managing systems are done on elemental base produced by military-industrial complex (Russia). Their further introduction will enable the process of conversion of military industry, which fully coincides with the goals of International Scientific Technical Center.

In the process of the Project implementation, the scientists dealing with military developments will be able to turn their abilities and proficiency into peaceful activity.

The problems, connected with the introduction of modern irrigation technologies in Yssyk-Kul region, are not local ones, but same in the whole Central Asian Region. Considering this, it is possible to assert that Project’s implementation will promote support of applied investigations in the area of adopted irrigation technologies and allow involving military scientists into international scientific society.

The Project’s outcomes can be used in other regions with similar natural and climatic conditions, both for organization of irrigated cultured pastures, and for irrigation of other cultures with corresponding improvement of irrigation technologies.

During the work on the Project it is foreseen to have:

- Information exchange between the executors of the Project and collaborators

- To hold working meetings

- To test and assess introduced irrigation technologies

Project’s results presentation through mass media.


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