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Radioactive Safety under Reactors Decommissioning


The Safety Insurance at Decommissioning of Reactor Installations of Civil and Military Application.

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  • FIR-DEC/Decommissioning/Fission Reactors

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Senior Project Manager
Tocheny L V

Leading Institute
Kurchatov Research Center / Institute of Nuclear Fusion, Russia, Moscow

Supporting institutes

  • Gosatomnadzor , Russia, Moscow\nMoscow State University of Civil Engineering, Russia, Moscow\nMIFI, Russia, Moscow\nFederal State Unitary Enterprise Research and Development Institute of Power Engineering named after N.A.Dollezhal, Russia, Moscow


  • IRPS / C-132 Radiation Physics NIST, USA, MD, Gaithersburg\nNuclear Liabilities Management Company Ltd., UK, Combria\nImperial College of Science, Technology and Medicine/Energy System Section / Department of Mechanical Engineering, UK, London\nFRAMATOME, France, Paris La Défense

Project summary

The Project deals with a detailed consideration of the physical aspects of radiation safety at decommissioning of stationary and transport installations - civil as well as military.

The decommissioned reactor installations - civil and military (the number of which equals to be tens and hundreds) are the objects of the radiation hazard to the personnel, population and the environment.

In the process of the project realization it is proposed to prepare a publication which deals with original results that are received by the scientific teams headed by the authors. It also includes experimental investigations as well as calculations dealing with decommissioning of concrete reactor stationary and transport installations for different purposes such as NPP, experimental reactors, nuclear submarines (NS) and ice-breakers.

The most of the results were not published before. In the monograph the main problems considering the process of decommissioning of reactor installations are examined.

They include:

- the conception of the reactor installation decommissioning;

- the principals and methods of the full-scale investigations of the induced activity and radioactive contamination at special objects;

- the safety insurance of the personnel, population and the local environment during radiation survey and dismantling of the reactor installations;

- waste management and the regulatory standards for their restricted and unrestricted usage.

The monograph includes new information which is the starting point for the elaboration of the decommissioning strategy and the forming of its working schedule as well as working out recommendations and requirements on design of new installations taking into account the problems of their decommissioning. The worthiness of this project is determined by the fact that nowadays there are no monographs which summarize the experience on decommissioning of different reactor installations.

The monograph is meant for specialists which are connected with design and maintenance of reactor installations, the scientific workers and post-graduates which deal with radiation environmental safety as well as students of the last cources of specific profiles.

The project considers the fundamental and applied scientific and technical problems on the contamination of local environment and safety insurance of nuclear installations during their decommissioning concerning population.

The fulfilment of this project is a contribution of some scientific workers from different Institutes and Universities of Russia which deal with special installations and work in the field of ensuring reactor installation safety.


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