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Metal-Polymer Composites and Coats


Metal-Polymer Bearing Composites and Anti-Corrosion Coats on Base of Explosive-Activated Adhesion-Inert Thermoplastics

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  • MAT-COM/Composites/Materials
  • CHE-POL/Polymer Chemistry/Chemistry
  • MAT-ALL/High Performance Metals and Alloys/Materials

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Leading Institute
NIKIMT (Institute of Assembly Technology), Russia, Moscow

Supporting institutes

  • VNIITF, Russia, Chelyabinsk reg., Snezhinsk\nVolgograd State Technical University, Russia, Volgograd reg., Volgograd


  • Institute for Advanced Studies, Japan, Tokyo\nInstituto de Ciencia e Tecnologia de Polimeros “IСTPOL”, Portugal, Lisbon\nIndiana University, USA, IN, Bloomington

Project summary

A variety of requirements to structural materials demands to develop multi-functional composite materials with intended complex of properties. One of most important practical and scientific tasks is study of composites’ forming features, prognosis of their properties, development of new composite materials with use of non-traditional production means.

At present, the anti-friction materials on ftoroplast-4 (Teflon) base are widely applicable. The leading firms of USA and UK (Dupont, Alleghney Plastic Co., Polypenco Ltd., Imerical Chemical Ind. etc.) manufacture a wide range of bearing materials and armed ftoroplasts, also with an anti-friction coat on a metal base in order to increase their bearing properties. Service properties of such materials are defined by adhesion fastness and by capability of heat transfer from a friction area. That is difficult to realize in traditional technologies and to apply unique properties of thermal-resistant polymers.

The well-known means of production of composite materials on polymer base do not always allow to obtain a material with demanded composition of components, arming grade with complex of physical-chemical properties. One of prospective ways in development of such composites is a high-energy impact, including explosive treatment. Because of its features, the explosive treatment gives a number of capabilities for advanced technological solutions by development of new metal-polymer materials and coats based on thermal-resistant and adhesion-inert polymers being heavy to treat by traditional means.

The Project’s goal is to develop new composite materials and coats, as well as scientifically grounded ways of several functional purposed products manufacture with use of explosive-activated prospective polymers (ftoroplasts, for example). The means being developed have no analogues both in Russia and abroad, they open ways for development of principally new composite materials, parts and components made of them.

Development of a new direction of polymers explosive activation shall allow to solve the problem of reliable joining of adhesion-inert thermal plastics (ftoroplast-4 (F-4), super high-molecular polyethylene (SHMPE), etc.) both each to other and to practically any available materials (metal, concrete, etc.) for obtaining of layered and armed composites. The mean of explosive compressing shall allow to obtain composition materials on base of hardly-treatable, thermal-resistant polymers: F-4, SHMPE, phenylone, polysulphone, polyimides with any arming grade, to apply activated polymers (F-4, SHMPE) as a layer in order to increase fastness of multi-functional and complex composites and coats. Investigations showed a sufficient influence of explosive impact on contacts forming in boundary areas, on increase of adhesion interaction and strength properties of materials. There are known ways of obtaining of ftoroplast composites with metal- (copper, bronze, aluminum, iron) and non-metal powders with any arming grade (5 to 95%). The optimum regimes of explosive treatment and thermal treatment of composites were defined in order to receive higher properties in comparison to analogues and increase their service characteristics.

During the Project performance, the two processes of coats forming shall be studied: a) directly by joint explosive treatment of polymer and metal surface; b) use of a thin activated layer for following joining by mean of arming or joining with another sheet part. The fastness of coats of F-4 or SHMPE on several metals and alloys (Steel 20, corrosion-resistant steel, titanium-, aluminum-, magnesium alloys) shall be 2 – 3 times higher then for other coating processes. Recommendations shall be issued for application of ftoroplast composites and coats with use of explosive treatment; new materials and processes shall be developed for actual engineering decisions.

For the processes development it is necessary to define laws of structure forming and adhesion interaction in polymer – metal joining area by presence of explosive activated powders, to develop optimization principles for metal-ftoroplast composites and components made of them accounting their service purpose, as well as to develop new or updated production means with use of explosive treatment of prospective materials, products and coats, which have enhanced, sometimes unique service characteristics (corrosion-resistant, anti-friction, cryogen-resistant, etc.).

The developed mean of explosive treatment of metal-ftoroplast composites and activation of polymer powders in order to increase their adhesion interaction with metal surfaces shall allow to receive products of practically any form and size (plates, pipes, bushes); anti-friction and corrosion-resistant coats both on plane and cylindrical parts. Investigations results could be applied for industrial production of activated polymers, components and structures for several service purposes.


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