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VNIITF, Russia, Chelyabinsk reg., Snezhinsk

Project summary

CD-ROM Patent Library

Brief summary. It is well known that only 10-15% of the technical information contained in patents can be found in other sources of information.

Patent information (PI) is the most efficient information. Practically all PI is published no more than 18 months after filing an application. From PI it is possible to derive newest ideas, to determine the directions of the developments of the competitors, their state, to undertake the preceding actions with a view to “by-pass” the preventing patents. PI makes possible to solve many other problems directly associated with the technical level of developments and their competitiveness.

At present many firms make up a set of their DB (databases) of PI on CD-ROM (recently - on DVD-ROM as well) and use them by means of special CD-ROM libraries.

The CD-ROM library is the system making possible to load into it practically unlimited quantity of CD-ROM (DVD-ROM), i.e. all the necessary DB of PI. Through the local network users (staff members of the firm) gain possibility to get the efficient and reliable access, without leakage, to the information on the developments by the firm, and access to the necessary DB of PI from their working places.

Goal of the Proposal. The creation of the CD-ROM library (by means of which the participants of ISTC Projects obtain possibility for the efficient and reliable access to the latest PI as well to the retrospective one).

Technical Approach and Methodology. The arising of network computers, the formation of DB on CD-ROM by the patent information generators (Patent Offices and specialized information firms) and the creation of the CD-ROM libraries make the attainment of the set task to be quite real.

At the present stage it is proposed to use the CD-ROM library with total capacity 100 CD-ROM (DVD-ROM) disks. The library will be controlled by a computer connected into the local net.

It is proposed to load DB with PI available in the Russian Federation, European Patent Office (EPO) and other purchased WIPO.

The technical Project development will be realized in conformity with the requirements of normative & technical documents for constructing the similar systems.

At the development of the strategy for building DB, the principles of the DB building with the sources of information in the form of abstracts will be used.

The software development will depend on the compatibility of the acquired DB and those being purchased.

Systems and materials for presentation.

Brief summary. Business meetings, final meetings, speeches and presentations, training courses and financial briefings, meetings of working groups, exhibitions and press-conferences, presentation of new products are various forms of business presentations made by ISTC experts. And these presentations require various presentation equipment. This equipment for presentations, if available, will ensure success, i.e. all information will be delivered to the participants.

Technical Approach and Methodology. The multi-media videoprojector is a good alternative to large-screen TV sets. The option that this videoprojector can be connected to a computer allows application of the videoprojector for presentations, and in training purposes. Good brightness and special screens allow demonstrations in a large not darkened room. This videoprojector can be used in any place due to its compactness and mobility.

Based on the characteristics of presentation equipment manufacturers such as SONY, Panasonic, Sanyo, etc. one has chosen the optimal variant of the multi-media projector, and namely, Philips ProScreen4750/60 due to its quality, reliability, and good price. The videostudio in ISTC representation at RFNC-VNIITF makes it possible to prepare progress videoreports under ISTC Projects, prepare training films for ISTC.

In order to create a practical, high-efficient montage system with prompt access to the videomaterial and with the possibility to create videoarchives without quality loss it is necessary to have the PC-based nonlinear montage system. МiroVideoDC30, nonlinear montage board can serve the basis for this inexpensive system. This board, by its characteristics, does not yield to similar systems of the professional level.

Scientific and technical information providing to experts.

Brief summary. Practice of ISTC projects implementation demonstrated that very often plenty of research is done in conditions of acute shortage of scientific and technical information.

At present there exist advanced information systems intended to support investigations and provide timely access to electronic libraries through the Internet; mass data of scientific and reference information are accumulated on optical discs. And in so doing they are accessible to experts, but not to the full extent.

Creation of the library server and working stations for experts to do the work under ISTC Projects will allow them to get efficient access to required information and in the required scope.

In addition, it is expedient to provide access to the scientific information through the Internet after having paid for the usage of electronic databases and electronic archives.

Technical approach and methodology. This proposal implementation will result in the development of a technical project of integrating the library into the RFNC-VNIITF open network, in the creation of the library server and in the possibility to get access to Internet.

This proposal implementation will allow to analyze information needs of experts - participants of ISTC projects. And these analyzed needs will help to outline sources ensuring access to the required electronic resources and data bases on CD-ROM.

The purpose of this project is to create a uniform electronic informational structure. It is needed for more effective realization of current project tasks and for future proposals in the framework of ISTC program in RFNC-VNIITF.


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