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Plasmachemical Water Decontamination


Plasmachemical Decontamination of Water

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  • PHY-PLS/Plasma Physics/Physics
  • ENV-RED/Remediation and Decontamination/Environment

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Senior Project Manager
Horowicz L

Leading Institute
State Research Institute of Organic Chemistry and Technology, Russia, Moscow


  • Université de Limoges, France, Limoges\nMassachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), USA, MA, Cambridge

Project summary

The aim of this project is to develop a new high-productivity and energy-saving technology of decontamination and purification of water contaminated by toxic organic compounds. The base of this technology is a principaly new method of gas-liquid reactions producing which is suggested by authors. This method uses the flow of high speed thermic plasma of elemental oxygen in water solutions. The elemental oxygen is produced in electrical arc discharge under atmosphere pressure wick give the possibility to obtain elemental oxygen flows of any productivities.

The program of works on project includes:

- critical analysis of the Russian and foreign works related to decontamination of industrial waste and natural waters from toxic organic impurities;
- modification and construction of pilot facility units to carry out the investigations;
- experimental studies of physicochemical properties of water under the injection of thermal plasma jet (containing oxygen, nitrogen, argon, air as reactant gases);
- experimental studies on the macrokinetics of oxidation reactions of model organic components present in water during injection of various thermal plasma jets into liquid bulks. Analysis of liquid and gaseous samples for the organic impurities;
- simulation of chemical reactions kinetics at fast cooling of thermal plasma jets. Simulation of heat-mass transfer processes under plasma jet flow into the liquid phase. Calculations of theoretical energy parameters of the oxidation process with the use equilibrium (thermodynamic) and kinetic models;
- design and construction of the pilot plant (module) for the plasma - induced water decontamination on the basis electric arc plasmotron with a productivity of 3 kg of oxygen atoms per 1 h. Studies on decontamination of waste waters. Development of the procedure to optimize the process and operational characteristics of the designed plant;
- development of technical plan for creature of experimental industrial installation.

The practical result of project realization is the creature of pilot modull on the base of 30 kwt and the technical plan for the creature of experimental industrial installation of plasma decontamination of waste waters.

The profit from project realization can be obtained due by selling of developed technological equipment for the decontamination of waters polluted by organic compounds.

The introduction of the new high-productivity and energy-saving plasma decontamination of waste water into industry will make it possible to improve the ecological situation in Russia and in the world in the whole.


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