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Flexible Production Systems


Theoretical Development and Construction Peculiarities of Flexible Production Systems with Multiconnected Structures

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  • MAN-MPS/Manufacturing, Planning, Processing and Control/Manufacturing Technology

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Kyrgyz National Technical University, Kyrgyzstan, Bishkek


  • Technische Universität Hamburg, Germany, Hamburg

Project summary

The project concerns the area of systems of machines, automation productions of engineering, equipment, electrotechnics, electronics, motor industries, agricultural, as well as can be oriented on social, economic, financial, educational and other spheres of activity of the person.

The known functional and applied researches and development have not given an access to the self-generated technological system of productions with changing on the given from outside or formed inside of management laws of parameters, programs and structures, in essence, the new qualitative and quantitative results were not received, the methods and algorithms have defects of basic character that lead to the problems of creation, introductions and perfection of system of machines.

It is necessary to lower abstraction of theoretical summaries, to apply the methods, to strengthen communication of the theory with the specific requirements and properties of flexible industrial systems ( FMS ). It should actualise the importance of the concepts, incorporated in the systems technologies, and speed up their realisation in acting manufactures as well. Results of the project will become the new theoretical generalisation in the field of technology of application and feature of designing FMS, and also new aspects of development of a modular principle of designing of complex systems. Inasmuch as tasks of the project are new, it is required to create and to modernise the known methods and ways of research for their solution. Latter will ensure the original constructive decisions of elements, communications and the direct systems. The ways and design will become the subjects of the inventions and will be patented.

The methods, ways, patents, working documentation, and experimental samples, FMS, subsequently and made production will become active commercial attributes of the project.

The offered project is directed to applied researches FMS at a new level, that will speed up the solution of technical problems of the republic, will meet the civil needs. The results of the project will be applicable also in social, economic, administrative life. In a complex, they will follow the processes of transition to a market economy.

The project includes the researches and development of social aspects of FMS, application, the economic advantages of their introduction, structural development as local the modules, as systems in complete volume. The layout decisions, designs equipment, and the interrelations between them, which plan to realise by means of information robots of an original design. Technological and algorithms of management. In connection with that the realisation of the project assumes complex application of known fields of knowledge, and the collective of the executors possess the methodology of the system approach and analysis in technology, management, designing, programming of systems automation is selected.

The maintenance of qualitative execution of the project is supposed besides other continuous consultations, to update conditions and the intermediate results of researches can be subject. Workshops and joint participation in conferences of at scientific and technical levels will strengthen the outcome of the project.

Orientation of the project achieved multifunction FMS, satisfying the types of manufactures between small-scale and inpidual might be achieved. In dynamic modes, the given problem is born on discussion in the world practice for the first time.


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